Looking for a contraceptive that works for your acne and improves your skin condition? How about a contraceptive pill that helps control excessive hair growth in women? Then Dianette pills may be the right contraceptive for you.

Contraceptive pill Dianette, which contains oestrogen and an anti-androgen, helps prevent pregnancy and treat skin conditions like acne, very oily skin, and excessive growth of hair among women of reproductive age. Each pack of Dianette contains three strips of a 21- day pill.

Dianette is available online at True Medical. A doctor’s prescription is required before the purchase of this medicine.

What Is Dianette? 

Dianette is a contraceptive pill that contains an oestrogen and an anti-androgen used to prevent pregnancy and to treat skin conditions like acne, very oily skin, and excessive growth of hair among women of reproductive age.

With its nature of being a contraceptive, Dianette should only be prescribed by a doctor. 

It is only used as a treatment for skin conditions if the skin has not improved after the use of anti-acne treatments, such as topicals and antibiotics. Other hormonal contraceptives must not be taken if Dianette is being used for skin treatment.

How Does A Dianette Pill Work? 

Two types of female hormones are in a Dianette pill: oestrogen and an anti-androgen. Oestrogen is responsible for preventing the release of an egg from the ovaries, while the anti-androgen blocks the hormones that stimulate the grease glands in the skin and the growth of hair. 

What Benefits Will You Get From Taking Dianette? 

Unwanted pregnancy is prevented by using Dianette, but it is mainly used to help in treating skin issues, such as acne, very oily skin, and excessive growth of hair. 

Dianette reduces the number of androgens produced that stimulate the growth of hair and the grease glands of the skin. Too much production of androgen may lead to too much sebum in the grease glands that can cause acne when infected or blocked.

How To Use Dianette? 

Before you buy Dianette, a prescription from a doctor will be required. Users are advised to follow the instructions the doctor provides and to read the available patient information leaflet that comes with the medicine. It is also important to understand the benefits and risks of taking Dianette. Familiarize your doctor with any other medical problems or illnesses that you may have. Taking Dianette is prohibited if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. 

The box comes in strips of 21 pills with markings of the days of the week and arrows to guide the user of the pills. Start your first pill marked with the correct day of the week. (If you start on a Monday, then take the tablet on the first row marked “Mon”). Follow the direction of the arrows, taking one pill a day for 21 days.

Note: Swallow each tablet as a whole, drink water if necessary. 

For new users, take a Dianette pill on the first day of your next period. This will ensure you will have contraceptive protection with the first pill.

If you are taking a different pill and you want to switch to Dianette, you should start using Dianette on the next day after the end of your previous strip. This will ensure you will have contraceptive protection with the first pill.

Those who have just given birth and want to start Dianette, your doctor may advise you that Dianette can only be started 21 days after delivery, provided that you are fully mobile. For the first seven days of using the pill, you will need to use other forms of contraception such as a condom. 

Those who had a miscarriage or abortion are advised to consult your doctor in regard to taking Dianette.