Let's Get Physical:

How Do You Up Your Sex Game?

Are you working hard to get that raise? Are you dying for that promotion? That’s great, but if you want to get it on more often or spice up your sex life, there’s another place where you need to work it, and it’s not the office or the bed.

What we discovered

We’ve worked out the solution for a better sex life. Did you think where you work or what you do counts? It does, but not as much as you think, at least according to the 1099 respondents who took part in our survey. It is between working out and the quality and quantity of sex that we have established the strongest linkage.

Out of all respondents who reported being satisfied with their sex life, 42.28% claim they work out several times a week, indicating a clear correlation between sexual satisfaction and workout frequency. What’s more, 15.99% of all satisfied respondents say that they work out every day, which is double the percentage of unsatisfied respondents who work out as diligently (8.76%).

Workout freqency as reported by respondents satisfied with their sex life

Workout freqency among male and female respondents who describe themselves as being very satisfied with their sex life

Additionally, out of all female participants who reported being “very satisfied” with their sex life, 68.65% stated that they work out several times a week. The results were almost identical for their male counterparts. More precisely, 68.57% of the male respondents in the “very satisfied” category reported having the same workout frequency.

What career path leads to a better sex life?

Still, some occupations do report being more satisfied with their sex life than others. According to our findings, some occupations do stand out in terms of the quality or frequency of their sex life, defying the stereotypes we’ve come to associate with them.

Call it a cosmic balance or using sex as a way to cope with the daily stress of the job, but operations manager get it on more than the rest of us!


How do men and women compare?

Since no respondents chose to identify themselves as non-binary, we could only make a comparison between the two traditional genders. It is noteworthy that there was a considerable overlap between the two genders. The majority of the participants in our survey belonged to the following occupations:

Which occupations have the best sex?

Occupations with the highest sex satisfaction by gender

Operations manager
Customer service representative
Customer service representative
Administrative assistant
Retail sales associate
Retail sales associate
Software developer
Operations manager
Construction worker
Registered nurse

What's the science behind this?

We’ve established several possible explanations why, when it comes to your performance in the bedroom, being physically active prevails over what you do for a living. Check all that apply:

  • Being in shape will be worth your while: Regular exercising translates into better strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance, and, you guessed it, sexual function. A regular workout regimen can even reduce sexual dysfunction.
  • A boost of self-confidence: The effects of working out can improve your body image which is strongly tied to sexual satisfaction, especially among women.
  • Better sex drive: Working out can improve arousal by increasing activity in the sympathetic nervous system and hormonal factors. Regular exercising may also have a more subtle effect on your sexual satisfaction as it indirectly benefits your cardiovascular health, blood circulation, and mood.
  • Less stress equals more sex: Being overstressed can kill the mood. Exercising can be therapeutic and help you get rid of stress, which can do wonders for your libido.
  • Strong body, sharp mind: Exercising can improve your cognitive function, which can not only improve your focus but also make you more creative in bed.
  • Higher orgasm frequency and intensity: Regular exercising will eventually cause you to develop stronger core, pelvic floor, and leg muscles. The stronger these muscles, the more rewarding your orgasms can be. And when you are capable of reaching an intense climax every single time, you are bound to be coming back for more any chance you get!

How does our research compare to others?

Behind closed doors, there may be more differences between the UK and the US than we thought. How come? It was the Lelo UK research on which professions in UK have the most sex published in 2020 that inspired us to look into the topic of how what you do affects your sexual performance and satisfaction.

According to the report, over 33% of farmers had sex at least once a day, which put them on top of the list.

They were followed by architects, hairdressers, and advertising professionals, while lawyers and teachers shared 5th place.

There was an interesting overlap between that list and the Top 5 list of professions which rated themselves as ‘incredible’ in the bedroom: once again, farmers dominated the list. They were followed by doctors, architects, laborers, and advertising professionals.

Are people persons better at sex?

The age-old question of why we are sexually attracted to someone is hard to answer. According to science, sexual attraction is largely unconscious, and both cultural and biological factors determine what we find attractive.

But if we take a look at the most satisfied occupations on our list, they are mostly those dealing with people, and we can safely assume the people in these positions have pretty decent interpersonal skills.

Does that mean your soft skills and interpersonal abilities play a part in your sex skills and charisma?

For research purposes (but also out of burning curiosity), we wanted to find out if porn cliches like rugged plumbers, mischievous pizza boys, and naughty librarians have taught us anything.

Surprise, surprise!

Judging by the most searched for occupations on PornHub, good people skills are not a bad quality to have if you want others to find you more attractive.

The Top 5 list sees teachers in 1st place, babysitters as runners-up, then nurses, secretaries, and finally cops. Coincidentally or not, they all work with people. But are they actually getting it on more than the rest of us? Well that may just depend on whether they work out.

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