True Medical Women in Pharmacy Scholarship

Empowering women who embrace learning opportunities in the world of pharmacy

Female students or female college-bound high school seniors who meet eligibility criteria, one of which is to be pursuing education in the field of pharmacy at a US university, are welcome to apply for a $2500 scholarship awarded by True Medical, a digital pharmacy, and all they need to do is submit an essay.

The 2022 pharmacy scholarship program was launched by True Medical as a way of assisting women who are aspiring pharmacists and who are currently enrolled or admitted to a pharmacy program in the United States in the academic year 2022/2023. At True Medical, we find it rewarding to be able to create opportunities where there are none, and hope you will be the one to seize this one!

Our mission

The $2500 scholarship will be awarded to one eligible student who writes a compelling personal essay on the topic below. Being a woman in parmacy or another scientific discipline can be challenging. Has this made you even more determined to forge a successful career path? Do you think that your unique situation gave you reasons to dream and work harder? Let us hear them!

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Our offer

We want to promote the education of women in pharmacy. This academic year, one eligible female student pursuing higher education in the field of pharmacy will be awarded a $2500 scholarship, courtesy of True Medical. We ask you to demonstrate your ambition and thirst for knowledge, show us your source of guidance and inspiration. At True Medical, we are always ready to leap to the defense of those in pursuit of education.

We are also uniquely positioned to understand and appreciate the work of pharmacists, especially those who have had to overcome various challenges before they were able to win the coveted title. Simply follow our guidelines and write an essay elaborating on the driving forces that made you decide to pursue a pharmacy-oriented education and career path. Show us how you plan to put the real-life applications of your knowledge to use in the future and what you love about your future career path that no other field of study could provide.

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Do I qualify?

We’re offering a scholarship that asks that you meet certain technical requirements, but also that you show off your creative skills and your unique perspective and outlook on learning and life. If you are a woman with a keen and genuine interest in pharmacy and the associated fields, you already have a good chance of winning the scholarship.


Proof of an active academic status (being enrolled or accepted to a higher education institution for the 2022-2023 school year)


Proof of a strong academic record


Proof of citizenship (all citizenships accepted)


A 500-1000-word essay on the topic below

Essay details

To be eligible to win a scholarship in the amount of $2500, we ask that you write and submit an essay in which you illustrate your aspirations and ambitions so we may understand them and help you get to the next stage of your journey faster. We encourage you to write your personal essay succinctly so you can illustrate with as much clarity as possible what really motivates you to pursue a career in the ever-evolving field of pharmacy and how do you see your future in the world of pharmacy. We hope you will find the topic inspiring and the experience of writing an essay about your personal experience rewarding.

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Essay topic: Why Did You Make Pharmacy the Central Focus of Your Academic Ambition?

How can I apply?

To submit your application, please complete the form below with the following contact details and attachments:

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Email address
  4. Written essay in PDF file format
  5. Documents/transcripts listed above
  • Method of submission: Application Submission form
  • Submission deadline: 12:00 PM on December 20, 2022.
  • Scholarship winner announcement: January 20, 2023.
  • For details or further instructions, please contact us.
  • We will issue the announcement on January 20, 2023 and contact the recipient by email to inform them of the outcome.
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Submit Your Application

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