All You Need To Know About Naproxen

How to Order Naproxen Online

If you need Naproxen to help manage your pain its a pretty straight forward process to order it. You simply fill in our online form that goes straight through to our prescribing pharmacist, they will prescribe it and it will start its journey to you.

What Is Naproxen

Naproxen is a painkiller, it works by taking the information our of the aches and pains within your joints and muscles. Its falls within the same group as off the shelf medicines such as ibuprofen, but is known for being stronger but with out the addictive qualities of some of the others. Naproxen is fast working and targets the source of pain usually within half an hour of consumption.

What Are The Doses

Naproxen comes in a few sizes the standard ones are 250mg to 500mg please note if you are new to naproxen we recommend the lowest dose to start to make sure your body agrees with it. Once you have consumed naproxen we would expect you to have relief from your pain within 30 mins to an hour.

Please note at all sizes this is a prescription pain killer so you will need to fill out the questionnaire.

Uses of Naproxen

It is used to control all times of inflammation within the joints and body some of the most common problems its used for is all types of sprains and strains and gout. As the laws have changed as of late on opioid based pain relief because of there addictive tendencies Naproxen has become the go to for most doctors and pharmacists as its stronger than off the shelf solutions.

How Does Naproxen Work

Naproxen gets to the route of your inflammation by targeting the enzymes that produce prostaglandins, this in turn helps stop the inflammation and in turn then pain. Prostaglandins is what rushes through the blood to the air of pain and causes it to become inflamed naproxen will reduce this this is why it can take an hour to feel the benefits from it.

What Can Be Taken Along Side Naproxen

Naproxen is allowed to be taken in combination with other off the shelf pain killers such as paracetamol or codeine it however should not be taken in combo with ibuprofen this will likely cause increased chances of side effects something we always want to avoid! Some of these side effects can be dangerous.

Please note if you are a regular taker of Naproxen we can prescribe a gastro-resistant tablet which in short means it has a coating over it so it takes longer to break down though that will give you more protection.