Patient Responsibility

By choosing to use this Website, undergoing medical consultation online and purchasing medication from this Website, I state truthfully and affirm as if under oath that:

  1. I am of sound judgement and mind and that I am over 18 years old.
  2. My country of residence allows me by law to acquire the medication and the treatment I have requested for my own use, and that I am entering the Agreement in full compliance with all the relevant laws in my country.
  3. I have recently been examined by a GP (General Practitioner) or a local Doctor, and they have managed to evaluate my current condition and medical history, deeming it at an adequate level.
  4. The GP or the local Doctor are registered medical practitioners who are available for any further consultation should the need arise. I further agree to reach out to my Doctor immediately in case of a check-up, intervention, or care should I start experiencing any complications or side effects from the medication. I will contact the dispensing website, as well as the prescribing Doctor via email in order to arrange the dispensing website or the prescribing Doctor to contact me back, should the need arise. I fully accept and understand that the appointed representative and the prescribing doctor are allowed to get in touch with me for any reason, even if I haven’t previously requested so.
  1. The medication and the prescription I request are completely for my own use and medical needs. I require them for my underlying condition and I will not sell them onto a third party, nor stockpile them beyond adequate supply.
  2. I understand and fully agree that the cause behind this service is not to replace, but support the relationship with the GP, local Doctor, or healthcare providers.
  3. An adequately trained healthcare professional has informed me and I fully understand all the benefits and the potential risks and side effects of the requested prescription treatment. I have also taken the time to study the online or written materials about these medications. 
  4. I have previously used the medication I am now requesting under Doctor’s supervision, and the medication was, for me, completely safe and without side effects. I am hereby also stating that the GP or my examining Doctor have advised me that my using the medication isn’t contraindicated and that it is completely adequate for my own medical needs.
  5. Through completing the consultation and all else that might be associated with it henceforth, I request that an EU- or a UK- prescriber act in adjunct capacity to my GP or local Doctor. I do not want the registered prescriber to completely replace my GP or local Doctor. I am requesting the prescriber to consider issuing the prescription for distributing by associated licensed bodies.
  6. I promise to immediately contact my GP or the local Doctor for a medical intervention in case of side effects or complications appear whilst using the prescribed medication or after using it. I concur to first obtain approval from registered medical practitioners before taking new medication, and this is my responsibility that I fully accept. I also agree to disclose the list of my current medication to the practitioner, including the medication I have ordered from the Website. 
  7. I will answer any questions truthfully and to my best knowledge and identically as I would provide answers at an in-person consultation with a GP or the local Doctor.
  8. I completely understand that, for maintaining maximum personal safety, full disclosure is vital and I won’t fail to adhere to the disclosure conditions.
  9. I confirm I have provided all the information that concerns my medical history and my health that could be relevant to the requested medication and treatment. I have not misrepresented or omitted any statement or information during the process of consultation.
  10. I completely understand there are benefits, as well as risks, associated with treatment or medication. I confirm that I have had a medical examination concerning my medical and physical condition.
  11. I agree to observe my blood pressure every week. Should my blood pressure increase beyond 140/90 (should  the bottom number be more than 90, and should the top number be more than 140), I agree to stop taking medication right away. I will contact a GP or the local Doctor immediately and without unnecessary delay. 
  12. The law permits me to use payment cards that I will use to buy the treatment or medication should my request be processed and approved. I hereby confirm to be the signatory or cardholder and duly authorised to supply the payment card information to this Website.
  13. I haven’t been placed under duress nor inducted to use this Website, acquire medication or treatment, or undertake online consultation of a medical nature, and I confirm that my requests for medication or treatment are my own choice and will. 
  14. I voluntarily agree to all the above points through proceeding with the request for medication or treatment. I fully understand that using this site and its services irrevocably binds me to the Terms and Conditions.