Our return policy

We abide by the policy of not allowing the return of any prescribed medications. We have adopted this policy due to safety reasons as we are under no authorisation to re-sell the medication which has been returned. If you are in possession of any unused or unwanted medication, you can take said medication to your local pharmacy, where it will be disposed of per safety regulations.


TrueMedical has written complaints procedures and policy. We will acknowledge all the complaints in formal writing within 2 working days of having received them, and we will aim to respond to all those complaints within 5 working days upon receiving them. You can lodge a formal complaint by sending an email to our customer support team. If unhappy with the response from TrueMedical, contact GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council). 


You have the legal right to cancel any product that is to be delivered to you by post until the moment of the medication being dispatched. On the date of dispatch confirmation (the day we notify of the confirmation of the acceptance of the order), your right to cancel your order will end. 


We want you to be satisfied with the medication ordered from us. However, in an event of your dissatisfaction with:

  • (i) the product not being per description
  • (ii) the product not fitting for your purpose
  • (iii) the product being faulty or damaged

We will fully refund the price of your medication, as well as other applicable charges related to delivery and other sensible costs that might incur when you return the item to us. 

We will refund you either on your debit or credit card used to pay for the medication. Contact us to provide new details should your card expire before we manage to finalise the refund. 

Contact Details

You are free to contact our customer service by using the details provided below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +44 118 328 2455
Post: True Medical LTD, Unit 11, MAPLE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, MAPLE WAY, LONDON, TW13 7AW, England

If you are writing to us or emailing us, we would kindly ask you to include all the details of your order so we can identify it.

We offer this policy in addition to your existing legal rights. 

Please, do not dispose of any medication via household waste or wastewater. Seek advice from a local pharmacist on how to adequately dispose of any medicines you are no longer using.