Senna tablets are your herbal option for treating constipation and the discomfort that comes with it. It contains a natural laxative to help ease the pain and inconvenience caused by constipation. Learn more about this medicinal product including its proper use, precautions and side effects as well as where to obtain it from the article below.

What is Senna? 

Senna is a natural laxative produced from the leaves and fruits of the Senna plant. It is a herbal medicinal product used to treat constipation and the discomfort associated with it. Senna products range from pure tablets to mixed tablets and herbal teas.

How does Senna work? 

Senna consists of naturally-occurring laxatives and is considered to be a bowel stimulant on the myenteric plexus of the colon. It induces peristaltic contractions and reduces water absorption from inside the colon. This increases the function of your bowel and digestive system to encourage your body to pass a stool thus, providing relief from constipation.

What are the benefits of taking Senna? 

Everyone may experience constipation occasionally though it may not be a life-threatening ailment, it can be an unbearable one. Constipation can lead to bloating, stomach ache, trapped wind and cramps, so treating it quickly and effectively with Senna will get you back fast to your normal daily tasks.

How do I use Senna? 

It is highly advised that you follow the directions provided in the patient information brochure enclosed. Make sure to read and understand its content before you start taking this medicine.

Take Senna by swallowing the tablets whole with some water, with or without food.

How do I buy Senna online? 

Senna is available online at True Medical. It can be purchased without the need for a prescription or consultation with a medical professional. However, it is advised that you read and adhere to the instructions provided in the patient leaflet enclosed.