Senocalm IBS Relief

Helpful in preventing IBS symptoms, Senocalm medicine provides relief from discomfort, stomach pains and bloating.

What is Senocalm and how does it work?

The ingredients of Senocalm are peppermint oil and simethicone. Peppermint oil effectively treats IBS symptoms and simethicone makes trapped air bubbles in the intestines pass easily by coming together.

Is Senocalm a laxative?

Senocalm doesn’t cause diarrhoea nor does it serve as a treatment for this problem. It doesn’t relieve constipation as it has no reported cases of diarrhoea as a side effect. The main purpose of Senocalm is to help with bloating, as it’s caused by the air that gets trapped in the intestines. Consult your physician if you have constipated intestines, as they can prescribe you a laxative that’s safe for you. Don’t take Senocalm if you don’t have IBS problems.

Is Senocalm safe to take?

Senocalm is safe for all ages, but it’s advised that you consult your physician before starting the treatment. Children and adults can take it, but only in recommended doses. Don’t take Senocalm if you’re unsure about the dosage. If you experience any side effects or nausea, contact your physician because Senocalm might not be the right medication for you. However, this is unlikely, because Senocalm isn’t reported to have any side effects.

The benefits of taking Senocalm

Since about 10% of people is affected by IBS and they can usually suffer for life, its symptoms can easily be treated with Senocalm. It lowers the risk of flare-ups in the future and acts quickly to provide relief. And because of its herbal ingredients, the medicine works tenderly in the body.

Is Senocalm good for bloating?

Senocalm works wonders with bloating problems. Peppermint oil works as a soothing agent and helps calm down the abdominal pain which is caused by bloating. The active ingredient named simethicone relieves the air bubbles which are trapped in the intestines and makes it easier to let them out. With Senocalm, bloating is a thing of the past, as you’ll feel the relief in a matter of minutes after taking it.

How to use Senocalm

Take capsules orally along with a beverage, after you’ve finished your meal or somewhere around bedtime. Anyone older than 14 is advised to take 2-3 capsules three times a day. The maximum amount is nine capsules a day. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 are limited to one capsule three times a day.

A missed dose should not be made up for, just take the following dose. If taken more than advised, contact a physician.

Can you take Senocalm every day?

Not only should you take it every day, but the usual prescribed dosage recommends it several times a day, preferably after every meal. Don’t exceed the maximum daily dose of 9 capsules. Children shouldn’t take more than 3 capsules a day. Your physician will tell you which dose is the right one for you, based on the severity of your IBS condition.

Senocalm side effects and caution

To ensure that Senocalm is right for you, read the pamphlet containing the patient information before taking this medicine. Senocalm is not made for the treatment of diarrhoea or constipation.

If Senocalm capsules are out of date, dispose of them. Keep the tablets away from children. You should consult a doctor if you still have intestine problems after taking Senocalm or if irritation or an uncommon pain occurs.

Where can I purchase Senocalm online?

Senocalm is available for online purchase at Trumedical, and a prescription and previous consultation aren’t mandatory. However, it is advised to follow the advice provided in the information pamphlet.