How long do deliveries take? 

Delivery time varies in accordance with the option you select during checkout. We provide free Royal Mail delivery tracked 48, and it takes approximately 3 to 4 days. You have the option to choose to pay an additional fee to receive your delivery in 1 to 2 days using the DPD Next Day delivery service. Finally, we provide additional Royal Mail delivery alternatives that will have your package delivered by 8amthe following day.

You have to be aware of the fact that every delivery option is subject to placing the order before the cut-off time, and that all deliveries are affected by bank holidays and weekends. Also, delivery times are based on the order approval point by the prescriber. That is why it is sometimes necessary to factor in additional time to allow for the making of a clinical decision.

Which countries do you ship to? 

We make our services available only for individuals located within the United Kingdom. We are not able to operate outside the confines of the United Kingdom because of the differences in laws that deal with prescription medicines.

Can I have items delivered to different addresses? 

You are completely allowed to supply additional addresses for shipping to your TrueMedical account which you can then choose during checkout. However, note that your main shipping address has to correspond with the address on your supplied card, as it will serve as your main address for identity background checks.

Can I have items delivered to a pick-up shop? 

We do not provide an option for selecting such delivery during checkout. However, if you choose our DPD delivery service, you will have the possibility to arrange such a delivery once you receive your tracking number.

As soon as your order leaves the pharmacy, you will receive a tracking number for the order which you can then use to choose the pick-up alternative on the DPD website. Know that we do not arrange for such a service and that you have to deal with DPD directly.

Do deliveries require a signature? 

Yes, we do require a signature for all our delivery, since this is our way of ensuring all our orders are ultimately delivered to the individual who placed the order.

Is your packaging discreet?  

We acknowledge and understand your needs for privacy concerning personal health and medication, and we take great pride in the discreteness of our delivery service. We send out all our orders in unmarked and unbranded bags that bear no clue as to what they contain or who sent them.

Can I change the delivery address after placing an order? 

Unfortunately, you cannot amend your shipping address upon placing your order. We strongly encourage you to always double-check every single detail before actually finalising the order.

Do you provide order tracking? 

Yes, we provide order-tracking capabilities. When you log into your account you have the ability to track your order as soon as it leaves our pharmacy, and you can also check the due delivery time. While tracking information can differ for DPD and Royal Mail, both services offer order-tracking options.


How long can it take to return my order? 

The return time for an order usually depends on the method for sending it back and the service you use for returning your order. Choosing to return by courier will see DPD return your order within one week, while it can take Royal Mail as many as 18 days. Please be aware that not every order is eligible for returning and that you must inspect our returns policy before trying to send an order back to us.

What do I do if my order gets returned to the sender? 

One the order gets returned to the sender, please inform our customer service professionals if you would like us to resend the order or refund it, as well as why you might be requesting a refund. You can do this by email, phone call, or live chat.

How long do I have to wait for a refund? 

From the moment we receive and process your return, which is a procedure that can last as much as two weeks, it will take additional 3 to 5 working days for you to receive your refund. This period of time depends on the bank you’re with and can vary.

Can I return my medication if it hasn’t worked as I was expecting it to or if I don’t need it anymore? 

Because we want to keep all our patients safe, we do not accept any returns that have been opened, especially if they have been partially used. If you’re not satisfied with the medication you’ve ordered, you can get in touch with our customer service and we will help you with finding a suitable replacement medication for next time.


How can I lodge a complaint? 

The easiest way to make a complaint is to email us at [email protected] and to provide as much information as you can about the reason behind your complaint so that we have the necessary information to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.


How can I pay for my products? 

You can use most major payment cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and other common payment methods. Keep in mind that your card needs to be registered within the United Kingdom.

Can I pay with someone else’s card? 

Unfortunately, no. The person who orders the medication needs to own the payment card used. This is required to ensure system security and that the ordered medications are delivered to the intended person. This is also done because we run background identity checks which result in an automatic order rejection if the name on your account and on your card don’t match.

Can I pay over the phone? 

No, we only accept online payment. Our phone number should only be used for customer service, not to place orders.

My card was declined. Why? 

Your payment card may decline for several reasons. First, check whether you have entered the correct details and try again. The second possibility is that you don’t have the available funds on your card. If that’s the case, check your account or contact your bank if you think that the funds should be on your account. Another possible reason is that you’re trying to use a payment card that is not registered under your name. In this case, make sure to use a card that matches the name on your account. If none of these resolve the issue, feel free to contact us.

Will the name of your company show on my bank statement? 

The name True Medical LTD or will appear on your bank statement.

The prescriber has refused my order. When will I be refunded? 

When a repeat order is put through, a pre-authorised payment will be taken in order to capture the funds, which will only be taken upon the approval of the order. If the order doesn’t get approved, we will release the pre-authorised funds to your balance within 3-5 working days. As this would be considered a cancellation of payment, not a refund, it won’t show on your bank statement as a transaction. If you are ordering a medication you haven’t ordered before from us and fill in a consultation, we won’t take any payment until you have selected treatment and the consultation has been approved.

What if I return or cancel my order? 

You will either cancel your statement or refund the payment once we have accepted your return/cancellation. You will be able to see the return in the  app right away.

What if I fail to pay for an order? 

You are required to pay within 30 days after your order has been shipped. We will remind you to pay via the  app (push notification) or an email reminder two days before your payment is due. If you still don’t pay, we’ll send you a letter or text, as well. Even if you fail to pay on time, using the ‘pay later in 30 days’ option from the  app won’t affect your credit score.

Is it OK that I have been redirected to the website? 

If you have opted for the ‘Pay later in 30 days’ option, you will receive an email with further payment instructions. This email should contain a  website link where you can pay using a debit or credit card. You can always check the payment instructions by using the  app.

What information will I have to provide to make my purchase? 

To purchase requires you to write your full name and address (physical and email). You may have to provide your phone number and/or birth date, too for certain orders. You will receive all information via email, including links to online statements and payment reminders. It is essential that you provide correct information or you may not receive your payment information.

How secure is my payment information? 

Your payment information will be processed safely by Clarna. Your card details will not be held by or transferred to True Medical LTD. All of the transactions are processed via secure connections that adhere to the latest security protocols accepted in the industry.

Do I have to wait for the due date to pay? 

No, you may pay for your items at any time after you’ve received the payment details email from Make sure to follow the provided instructions or visit the app to find them and pay for the order.

How do I know if my payment has been received? 

If you choose to pay via card, we will confirm your order immediately. You will receive payment confirmation via email by (to the address you provided when placing your order). If you paid for the order but haven’t received a confirmation, you can check the order and payment status in your online account.

What will happen with my statement If I return the goods? 

Once we have received a partial or full return and the return has been confirmed, you will be sent an updated statement after making a partial return. If the return is full, the statement should be closed. You can monitor the status of your orders via the  app.

Why haven’t I received the goods if I have received the statement? 

If you’ve chosen the Pay later in 30 days option, you won’t have to make the payment right away. However, if you haven’t received the goods and the payment due date is very near, make sure to contact True Medical to ask about your delivery. You may also get in touch with  to postpone the payment due date or put your order on hold via the  app if you want to wait for your items to arrive.

If I cancel my order, how long will I have to wait for a refund? 

Your refund will be processed within 5 working days after your cancellation or return has been registered by the store.

How will my refund be made if I ask for one? 

If you used a card to pay, you will receive a refund on the same card. If the statement hasn’t been paid yet, the statement will be reduced by the refund or cancelled entirely.

Why haven’t I received an email with the payment information/statement?  

You can visit the app or their website ( to find your statement number and payment information.

I didn’t find an answer to my payment-related question, where can I find more information? 

Visit the Customer Service page in the app to find an extensive FAQs list, telephone options, and live chat.

Placing an order

Should I have a prescription before a consultation? 

No. It’s not necessary to have a prescription before starting our online consultation. At True Medical LTD, a GPhC-registered pharmacist will assess the medical information you provide and either accept or decline your request. If they accept it, they will issue you a valid prescription and you’ll be able to proceed with your order.

Can I use an existing prescription? 

Unfortunately, no. We don’t accept any existing NHS prescriptions or from any other private company. However, the fee for the prescription service will be included within the price displayed for your medication, meaning that getting a prescription through our service won’t cost you extra. Your prescription request will be evaluated by an independent prescriber once you go through the consultation process.

Will you notify my GP if I use your services? 

When placing a consultation with us, you will get to choose whether you wish to include information about your GP practices and give us permission to reach out to them. We strongly advise you to discuss your medical conditions and the medications you’re taking with your GP. Nevertheless, we understand and respect the confidentiality of our patients and won’t contact your GP unless you give us permission, per GDPR legislation.

Can I expect confidentiality of service? 

All of the medical information you provide is fully confidential. The only parties allowed to access it are True Medical LTD, the dispensing pharmacy, and the independent prescribers. Your security and privacy are our top priority, so rest assured that we won’t share your personal information with third parties. Read our privacy policy to learn more.

What are your cut-off times for next-day delivery? 

We provide next-day delivery on orders that are placed before 3 pm if they are placed on a weekday. On Saturdays, the cut-off time moves to 11 am, while it is 12 pm for orders placed on a Sunday. Please keep in mind that these cut-off times refer to the time at which you pay for the approved treatment, and not the time you place a consultation.

What is the process for placing a consultation? 

We have designed our website for optimal user-friendliness and convenience. When searching for treatments, you can find them by A-Z, by category, or by utilising the search function. Once you’ve found your desired treatment, you can start placing your consultation. The process consists of filling out a number of questions related to general health, entering your personal information, and answering several questions about your specific ailments. The consultation process typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once you’re done, the consultation will be forwarded to an independent prescriber who can recommend appropriate medications.

How long will I wait for my consultation to be reviewed? 

An independent prescriber will review your consultation within a couple of hours. They might contact you for any additional information they may need before prescribing your medications. If a prescriber happens to be unhappy with your consultation, they may take a bit longer to review it as they may refer it to their clinical lead. Because of this, we advise our patients to factor in this period of time when placing a consultation. It is generally a good idea to allow for an additional 24 hours, although on rare occasions it may take up to 72 hours.

My order seems to be delayed. Why? 

There are several reasons why a delay may occur with your order. These may include situations where a consultation is referred to a clinical lead, shipping service delays, and our system needing to perform an identity check. Make sure to visit your account to check the order status and contact us if you need any additional assistance.

What does my order status mean? 

The status of your order tells you the stage your order is currently at. For example, if the status is ‘review’, it means that your consultation is currently being reviewed by an independent prescriber. A ‘processed’ order status, on the other hand, means that the order has been approved and forwarded to the dispensing pharmacy. A ‘shipped’ order status tells you that the order has been dispatched from our pharmacy and is coming your way via your chosen method of delivery. You can track the whereabouts of your order via the tracking tool before the order status is changed to ‘delivered’.

What is the procedure for cancelling an order? 

If you need to cancel an order, please contact our customer service (it’s usually best to do so by phone). Please keep in mind that we may not be able to process order cancellations during the weekend. You will also be unable to cancel an order if the status has reached the ‘complete’ classification.

How it works

How do you operate? 

We provide the fastest, most effortless way to order medication for home delivery. Our service starts with an online consultation to determine the best treatment option for you. Next, you choose from a selection of drugs that the prescriber recommends for your condition. Lastly, your medication is conveniently shipped to your address in discreet packaging.

Will you check my ID? 

We will. Your identity will be verified to make sure that the right person receives the medication. These identity checks are performed by our partner Onfido. If the first round of verification shows discrepancies, the client will be required to go through further checks.

What does Trulioo do? 

Trulioo is a trustworthy company that provides us with client ID authentication services. They use cutting-edge identity verification software to perform their checks. Trulioo can’t access our clients’ medical records, so they stay completely confidential.

Why do I need to do additional identification? 

Sometimes, if your identity isn’t verified during the initial check, we will ask you to provide more information about yourself. This is no cause for concern. Trulioo will send you an email explaining how you can simply finalize the authentication procedure. Afterwards, you can complete your order and proceed to the checkout.

Who will prescribe my medication? 

The information you enter in your online consultation questionnaire will be reviewed by GPhC registered pharmacists. They will decide if the medication that you have requested is the right course of action in your case. Our prescribers have the final say and patients aren’t able to influence their decisions.

Is it possible to talk to the prescriber? 

In case one of our prescribers needs more information about your condition, they will get in touch with you before they reach the final decision. On the other hand, if your order has been refused, you will receive an email explaining why. You won’t have a chance to reach out to the prescriber to try to change their mind.

How can I be sure that the medication is authentic? 

Our online pharmacy is MHRA-regulated and GPhC-registered, much like conventional pharmacies. Apart from being fully accredited, we also provide a large selection of well-known pharmaceutical brands sourced from reputable suppliers.

What do you do to keep your clients safe? 

In order to ensure the safety of our patients, we’ve partnered with Onfido to put in place a reliable identity verification system. The first ID check will be performed in the background. If your identity can’t be authenticated at this stage, you will receive further instructions to help you complete the process and order your medication. If the patient fails to do so, we will cancel their order. Similarly, your order won’t be processed and your account may be shut down if we have reason to believe that you are using our services in an unauthorized manner.

What do I do if I notice any side effects? 

In the event that you exhibit any side effects, seek medical attention from your local health service providers. Our customer service phone line should only be used when you need assistance with your order and won’t be of help in case of a medical emergency.

Who is my prescriber? 

Patients can log onto their accounts and take a look at their order page to check who approved their order and provided their prescription.

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