Aldara: All You Should Know

Aldara cream effectively helps your immune system fight the Human Papilloma Virus by producing natural substances. HPV causes genital warts to appear, and this is why Aldara cream is a good choice for this condition.

What is Aldara and how does it work?

It is a type of medication, in the form of a cream, and is helpful in treating genital warts.

Aldara works by causing the body’s immune system to create natural substances to fight the Human Papilloma Virus, which causes genital warts.

Aldara benefits (Imiquimod Cream)

HPV has a certain strain that causes an STD, which is commonly known as genital warts. If left without treatment, they cause discomfort, itching and pain. Since they’re an STD, they can be given to other people via intercourse.

By applying this cream to the contaminated area, you will restore health to your normal life, as well as your sexual life.

Can you get Aldara without a prescription?

Aldara cream cannot be obtained without a prescription. The only way to get it over the counter is online via Trumedical. Through consultation with our prescription service, you can be certain if you need Aldara. We offer shipping overnight so you can get your Aldara cream as soon as your order gets placed.

How to use Aldara

Since you can only purchase it with a prescription, ask your physician for advice. You should also read the information pamphlet which is included in the package. 

Before you apply Aldara, the contaminated area should be washed with water and soap. Dry the area well so there is no moisture. Always use cream from a freshly opened sachet by squeezing it on the finger and rubbing it in the contaminated area until your skin absorbs all the product. After applying, thoroughly wash hands and throw away the sachet. Don’t bathe or shower after applying, as it’s supposed to be left overnight for 6-10 hours.

Sexual intercourse is not recommended while you’re under genital warts treatment, because HPV can easily be transmitted this way.

The right dose for Aldara Cream

Imiquimod is an active ingredient in Aldara Cream, and its concentration in 250 mg is 12.5 mg.

Treatment lasts until genital warts disappear, and the cream is supposed to be applied for 3 days every week. Genital warts can take up to 12 weeks to disappear, so the treatment can last that long. The limit for the treatment is 16 weeks.

If it happens that you forgot to apply Aldara, do it as quickly as possible when you remember. Don’t use Aldara twice in one day.

If you’ve accidentally applied Aldara more than recommended, wash the affected area with water and soap. If you accidentally ingest Aldara, quickly call the emergency department or your physician.

Where can I purchase Aldara online?

Imiquimod cream, or Aldara, is available for purchase via the internet at Trumedical. Before placing your order, you’ll need to consult with our prescriber service, which will determine if this medication is proper for you.