Losing weight can be easier with the help of the Orlistat-containing weight loss pill—Alli. It is an over-the-counter medication that you can purchase at a medical dispensary near you or online.

What is Alli? 

Alli is a medication used to help overweight adults aged 18 and above, with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or above, lose weight. It contains Orlistat as its active ingredient, which works by obstructing lipases from breaking down dietary fat. Alli works best when used alongside a reduced-calorie, lower-fat diet. 

It is one of the best diet pills in the UK that comes in 60mg oral tablets, which you can purchase over the counter. Alli is a branded version of the generic drug orlistat (its active ingredient).

What does Alli do? 

Alli contains Orlistat as its active ingredient, which is also sold as a generic brand. The difference between the two is that Orlistat is a prescription-only medicine, while Alli is sold over the counter in the UK. Also, Orlistat comes in 120mg, while Alli tablets are only 60mg.

Aside from these differences, Orlistat contained in Alli weight loss pills UK still has the same function as the generic drug, which is to decrease the amount of dietary fat absorption in the intestine by blocking lipase from breaking down the fat.

How do Alli Pills work? 

Generally, your calorie intake versus the calories that you use affects your weight. If you consume more calories than you burn, it adds to your weight and vice versa. However, other factors may affect how you gain weight, like genes and age. 

The active ingredient in Alli blocks the breaking down of dietary fats and its absorption. The fats that were not absorbed will then be expelled from the body. When you take Alli, a certain amount of fats from the food that you eat is not absorbed by your body. However, unlike other weight loss pills, you can only achieve optimum results if you take it along with a low-calorie, lower-fat diet and exercise.

Benefits of taking Alli 

The main benefit of taking Alli is weight loss. You can achieve your weight goal more efficiently with you take it along with a low-calorie, low-fat diet. As it blocks a certain amount of dietary fat, you can still eat fat-containing food, but it should be equally distributed over three (3) meals per day.

The importance of weight loss 

In a survey in 2017, England had a total of 64.3% of adults who were either overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risks of many serious diseases and health conditions, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and mental illnesses.

Obesity can lower your quality of life as it can impede even the simplest day-to-day activities. Medical professionals also emphasize that obesity does not only affect the size of your clothes but also your health and your organs. Having excessive fats in your body affects the performance of your organs, resulting in serious medical conditions. 

If you are overweight or obese, it is best to consult your doctor and get advice on how to lose weight. Your doctor may prescribe you to undergo a medicated treatment or advise you to change your diet. Regardless of the treatment process, seeking help to lose weight guarantees that you don’t develop adverse effects of fad diets and uncertified diet pills UK. When you lose weight, you also reduce the risk of developing serious medical conditions and help your body perform to the best of its ability.