Weight Lossꟷ Doing it Right

Obesity is only second to smoking as one of the most preventable causes of cancer. In the UK, about 6% of adults are identified as overweight, making the nation the most obese country in Western Europe. There are a variety of reasons that could have caused this. For one, there is an increase in the availability and consumption of processed food. The country also seems to have a culture that does not put a lot of effort in promoting an active lifestyle. It could also be due to a lack of education. Regardless, there is a need for the Brits to make some hard choices and steer towards a healthier lifestyle. 

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but couldn’t seem to reach your goal through exercise and diet alone, you’d be glad to know that there are treatments that can help you get that healthy body you have always wanted.

Weight loss pillsꟷ What are they? 

Weight loss tablets are available for people who wish to keep their weight down. On this page, we will discuss available prescription weight loss pills that people can get access to in the UK. These pills include Xenical, Alli and Orlistat.

There are tablets that people can take which will allow them to lose more weight than just dieting or exercising only. Some of these pills are designed to block fat absorption into the body. These tablets can be taken along with your diet and exercise routine to further enhance your weight loss.


This medication is ideal for people that want to lose weight. It is available in the UK as a prescription-only drug. According to studies, Orlistat can help people trim their weight more than what they would achieve if they were to rely on dieting alone. This drug is aimed at adults who are 18 years and older who are following a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet. It is available in capsule form at 120mg.


This branded version of Orlistat is also available as a prescription-only pill. It is available in 120 mg and just like Orlistat, it is aimed at people who wish to lose weight more than dieting or exercise can do. It is aimed at people who are at least 18 years old.


This is the same drug as Xenical and Orlistat. The only difference is that it is prescribed at half the dosage. Since it is available at 60mg, it can be purchased over the counter, so people do not need to secure a doctor’s prescription in order to start taking it. Just like Xenical and Orlistat, it is also aimed at helping people who wish to lose more weight, especially if they find their progress with dieting and exercise to be a little too slow. Ideal for adults that are on a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet, it should only be taken by those aged 18 years or up.

Understanding obesity 

A person is classified as obese based on his BMI or body mass index. The figure is derived by calculating the height and weight. According to the standard sale for men and women, a healthy BMI falls at 18.5-24.9. A BMI that is lower than these numbers will be considered underweight. On the other hand, any number above these figures will be considered overweight. If you happen to sore 30 or more, then you are identified as obese. Still, it is important to remember that what this scale offers is just a single-dimensional approach to obesity. It is essential that several other factors are looked into to determine where a person’s excess weight is carried.

Generally, it is possible for you to tell whether you are overweight or obese even just by looking in the mirror. The ease or difficulty in which you find working out, climbing up the stairs or doing every task that requires little to no exertion can also be a glaring indication of whether or not you weigh just right or way more than enough. Still, it is also important to remember that there are people who fall under “healthy weight” that are unfit. The key is to always get the whole picture to determine where things stand as far as your weight goes.

Working out whether you’re obese or overweight isn’t exactly black and white, However, it is always important to maintain an ideal weight and a healthy body. If your doctor feels that your current weight may be way more than what is ideal for your age, your present lifestyle and your health condition, then losing those extra flabs is always something you are encouraged to do.

Besides, there are a whole lot of downsides to being overweight. For instance, it makes you more susceptible to developing high blood pressure, breathlessness, type 2 diabetes, increased sweating, chest pain and high cholesterol. Those are just minor health issues. The more serious problems you are likely to experience in the long term include stroke, heart disease and even cancer. On top of the physical detriments involved with obesity, it can also do a number to your self-esteem and self-confidence. It has also been identified as one of the more common causes of anxiety and depression.

Causes of weight gain 

There are many instances when weight gain happens gradually that it becomes hard to truly pinpoint the reason behind it. Generally, being overweight or obese can be due to eating way too much and not moving or exerting enough. However, it goes beyond that as there are a myriad of sub-reasons that can cause a person to weigh beyond what is considered healthy.

A very common cause of obesity is binge eating. This is where people will eat such large volumes of fatty and sugary foods and then continue doing so again the moment the sugar high caused by their overeating runs out. The frequency in which people eat can also lead to obesity since most of these people tend to turn towards food when they are bored. Some do just because there is food available and not because they are actually hungry. In addition, the portion size of what you are eating can play a crucial role in how much weight you are putting on. A lot of people are often left baffled by the fact that they seem to be putting on more weight despite the fact that they are eating balanced and healthy meals. A possible reason for this is because they may just be eating way too much.

Being active and exercise can play a crucial role in how much you weigh. It is recommended that people should engage in some sort of physical activity for no less than an hour every day. This could include walking short distances instead of driving or using the stairs instead of getting on the lift. With more people working jobs that require them to be sat on their desks for long hours, sneaking in some exercise in between whenever you can is even more crucial. 

While it is true that most of the time, eating too much with little to no exercise leads to excess weight, behind the scenes, the reason can actually be more complicated than that. There are a lot of people that seem to connect food with feelings. As a result, they tend to turn towards food and binge-eat when they are stressed, worried or sad. This can become a kind of addiction which can be quite hard to break. There are also instances when obesity was brought about by hormones and or by certain medications. Contraceptive pills and anti-depressants, for instance, can sometimes lead people to gain weight. People suffering from an underactive thyroid are likely to end up overweight as well. 

There are also people who claim that their obesity is something inherent in their DNA. This can be true to some extent. For instance, obese parents are more likely to have overweight kids as well. It is still not clear, however, that this is mainly due to genetics or because family members tend to eat the same foods and kids end up getting exposed to the bad eating habits that their parents have been used to.

Losing weight 

What’s very important when trying to shed off your excess weight is to always keep track of what you’re eating. Managing your diet properly is essential as this can have the biggest impact on your weight loss journey. While working out and keeping yourself active is essential, it is the food you are consuming that will lead the highest influence on whether or not you will lose weight. Incorporate lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet. Make sure to include foods rich in protein as well.  Make sure that the carbohydrates you are consuming are high in fibre. Also, just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean that you should totally shun treats. Just make sure that you incorporate smart snacking. For instance, go for foods that you can actually eat a lot of without the high caloric content. For instance, rice cakes and popcorn would make for good snack options. 

Always work on an achievable plan. Steer clear from fatty and sugary foods. It would help to keep them off your pantry, so you won’t easily give in to temptation. Remember that whenever you feel a pang in your stomach, it doesn’t always mean that you’re hungry. It is possible you’re just thirsty and reaching for a glass of water will be more than enough to quell it. Also, water should be your ultimate drink of choice. Another good option would be fruit juices that are sugar-free.

 Remember that exercise plays a crucial role in successfully losing weight. Gradually introduce it into your routine. Even those meagre 20-minute workouts when done daily can bring a whole world of difference. In fact, it is always best to start small and to just gradually increase the intensity over time. This will prevent you from getting easily overwhelmed. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to keep up with the routine without having to feel that the whole thing is such an uphill climb. 

If you have a BMI of 30 or more and you’re obese, know that you can always turn to weight loss pills to help make your weight loss journey easier and less overwhelming. These pills have since been proven to offer more benefits than just diet and workouts alone. Another option would be to go through a gastric band procedure, which can greatly benefit those who are considered dangerously obese. Before you do, however, always make sure to look into the risks it is associated with. In addition, you will also have to deal with a rather hefty cost and it can cause scarring as well. While it is effective, it is best to look at it as a last resort.

 Losing any extra weight and keeping a healthy BMI can do wonders to your breathing. It will improve your self-confidence too. In addition, it will lower the possibility of you developing cancer, heart problems and diabetes. Do remember that weight loss can also leave behind sagging skin and even gallstones. So, when planning on losing weight, always make sure to do it safely. Gradual weight loss is the safest way to do it. Instead of aiming for immediate results, aim for small but long-term ones instead.

 In addition, there has been a link between depression and weight loss. This can be due to how people who are overweight tend to turn to food and binge-eat as a way for them to deal with other issues. In addition, there are also overweight people who seem to associate weight loss with happiness only to feel unfulfilled the moment they achieve it. When working on losing weight, make it also a point to deal with any psychological or emotional issues.