Are Kegel Exercises Beneficial for Men’s Sexual Performance

Erectile dysfunction can usually be improved with medication like Viagra. Solving the ED problem makes sex enjoyable again. However, you don’t need to have a problem in order to improve your performance in the sexual field. A simple kegel exercise can strengthen pelvic floor muscles that are important for a proper sexual function and performance this is a great secondary option to Sildenafil.

Kegel exercise improves blood flow to the penis

People usually think that this exercise is for women, but it’s very beneficial to men as well. With the kegel exercise you can improve the pressure and volume of blood that flows to the penis. This helps with achieving and maintaining an erection, and a stronger erection makes your penis appear larger.

Kegel exercise makes climaxes more intense

Doing kegel exercises regularly can help men achieve more intense and satisfying climaxes. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can control the semen flow and thus prevent premature ejaculation (PE). Men usually feel insecure when they have PE, as it can be very embarrassing when it happens. With a simple exercise, your muscles can get stronger and your ejaculation delayed.

If you still have a premature ejaculation problem even after trying kegel exercises, you might have to try something different. Medication is usually recommended for the PE problem. One tablet of Priligy can help with controlling your ejaculation. However, you should consult your doctor beforehand and never take any medication without their advice. 

Additional benefits of kegel exercises

Starting kegel exercises while you’re young can help prevent the development of some urinary issues. Many males have problems with post-micturition dribble, which is best described as an inability to maintain a steady urine flow. 

This condition causes a man to leak tiny quantities of urine even after using the toilet. If not recognized and treated, it has a tendency to become more frequent and thus more embarrassing. Kegel exercises are perfect for strengthening those muscles and keeping the bladder in place.

Pelvic floor muscles

When you locate the specific muscles, doing the kegel exercises can be very simple. Muscles which are in the group of the pelvic floor are involved in these exercises. A fool-proof way of isolating them is by actively stopping the urine flow. These muscles stop mid-flow urination and improve sexual performance.

Improving secondary muscles

In order to get positive effects, you shouldn’t be using glutes, abs or other secondary muscles. Breathe in a controlled but relaxed way without holding your breath. It might be easier for some to lay on their back and gradually begin doing it in a standing position when they get the hold of the technique.

When you identify the muscles, strengthen them by contracting and holding until the limit. In the beginning this usually lasts for a few seconds, but it can easily be increased with practice. When you’ve established the right technique, you shouldn’t perform kegel exercises during an actual urination because of certain issues it can cause over time.

You can do kegel exercises anywhere, because they’re invisible. You can do it on your way to work or even during a meal. Secretly improving your stamina and confidence in bed sounds great and working out wherever without anyone noticing seems like a bonus.

Improving sexual performance

If gaining control over your pelvic muscles sounded impossible at first, you’d be happy to know that a simple kegel exercise can improve the ability of holding the contraction for around 15 seconds. It’s helpful in delaying ejaculation, by holding the kegel until the climactic feeling subsides.

Of course, as with any exercise, this takes time. It will be difficult at first, but you can easily get a hold of it because your muscles have memory which helps in recognizing movement. You’ll be the kegel pro in no time! The results of kegel exercises are incredible not only in sexual life, but also in general health.