Balneum Plus Medicinal Bath Oil

This is a bath oil whose main purpose is to alleviate the itchiness of dry skin, as well as make the skin feeling smoother and softer.

What is Balneum Plus Oil?

Balneum Plus Oil contains active ingredients of lauromacrogols and the oil of the soya bean. These two ingredients effectively hydrate the skin and remove the dryness. It also has ascorbyl palmitate, laureth-9, glyceryl stearate citrate, perfume and propylene glycol.

This oil is safe for all ages and anyone can use it instead of the regular cleanser and soap since it doesn’t remove the essential oils of the skin. Balneum Plus can be used in the shower or as a bath oil.

How does the oil work?

Lauromacrogols are a type of local anaesthetics and are helpful in alleviating itching because of their anti-pruritic action. This is the main ingredient of Balneum Plus. Soya bean restores the suppleness of the skin and successfully hydrates it. Its role in bath oil is that it forms tiny water drops and leaves a layer of protection on the epiderm. This reduces the time in which the water evaporates and the skin surface remains moisturized longer.

The benefits of Balneum Plus

Balneum Plus effectively rehydrates dry skin. It also makes it softer, more supple and smoother. The oil rehydrates the whole body when used as a shower wash or a bath wash and it removes all the roughness and the coarseness which are the dry skin symptoms.

How is Balneum Plus Oil used?

You should read the informative pamphlet included in the product packaging.

Before using Balneum Plus, shake the bottle well. The oil should be added to warm water and mixed well. Advised measurements are written in the pamphlet.

If your bath is used for itching or pruritus, the temperature of the water should be as low as possible.

You shouldn’t use soap when using Balneum Plus, as it can remove the layer of moisture that forms with the bath oil.

If used in the shower, Balneum Plus should be applied over the whole body evenly and rinsed slightly, only to remove the surplus oil.

Try not to rub your skin when drying it by using a towel, just lightly pat, as this can also remove the layer of moisture.

The proper Balneum Plus dosage

Depending on the type you want, these are the measurements for the bath oil:

  • Complete adult bath: 20 ml of oil to 100 litres of water. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes at most.
  • Partial sink bath: 2.5 ml of oil to 5 litres of water. Rub the mixture gently over the dry skin.
  • Child/baby bath: 5 ml of oil to water. Sponge gently only for several minutes.
  • Severely dry skin: two or three times the recommended amounts.

As for the duration and frequency of the baths, adults ought to use them a minimum of three times weekly, and babies and children daily. Consult your physician before starting the treatment.

If the dryness occurs only on small parts of the skin, it is sufficient to only take a partial bath over a bowl or a sink.

The side effects of Balneum Plus Oil

It doesn’t really have many side effects. The rarest side effect is the feeling of burning, itching and reddening on the skin. The case of a pustular rash can also occur.

If one is allergic to peanuts or soya oil, the use of this oil is not recommended as there might be an allergic reaction. Benzyl benzoate might cause the skin to become irritated, as well mucous membranes and eyes.

Store the bath oil away from children’s reach and avoid getting it in your eyes. If the oil accidentally gets in your eyes, you should rinse it with an abundance of water. In case of ingestion, contact your physician immediately.

You should clean your shower or bath after finishing bathing because the traces of oil can make the bathtub slippery. Wash the surfaces with detergent and hot water.

If you suffer from hypertension, infectious disease or any type of acute skin disease, as well as cardiac problems, ask for advice from your physician before starting the Balneum Plus treatment.

Balneum Plus can safely be used by breastfeeding and pregnant women. For any doubts and questions about the oil, ask your physician first.

How can I purchase Balneum Plus Oil via the internet?

Balneum Plus Antipruritic Medicinal Bath Oil is available for purchase at Tru Medical. A prescription isn’t mandatory, but it’s recommended to read the information leaflet which is contained in the package.