Lymecycline: All You Need to Know

Lymecycline effectively treats acne and is a medication that can only be obtained with a prescription.

What is Lymecycline and how does it work?

Lymecycline is a tetracycline-type of antibiotic. It also treats certain infections caused by bacteria, like bronchitis, pneumonia, trachoma and mycoplasma infections. Certain STIs can also be treated by Lymecycline, as well as infections caused by ticks, lice, mites and fleas.

It works by stopping the bacteria from increasing and spreading. Before starting your treatment, the physician will take a sample of the tissue, to ensure that the bacteria is causing your infection.

Lymecycline acts against the acne-associated bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes. This bacteria takes sebum as its food. The sebaceous glands which produce the sebum get irritated by fatty acids and other products of the acne-causing bacteria. When the glands get inflamed, they create spots. The main purpose of Lymecyclin is to control the number of bacteria and that puts the inflammation under control. Only then can the skin heal. This is also the main benefit of this medication.

Is Lymecycline for severe acne?

This medication is designed to slowly but securely cure acne. A stronger dose, like Lymecycline 300mg can help in treating severe acne, but it will take several weeks before the improvements are visible, as with any acne medication. It takes around 8 weeks before you start feeling better.

How to use Lymecycline?

The form of Lymecycline is a capsule. The recommended dose of the medication is one capsule every morning. Every capsule holds 408 mg of Lymecycline.

If you’re using Lymecycline to treat other types of infections, consult your physician.

The capsule should be swallowed in its entirety with a glass of water. If you have a risk of getting sick by taking the capsule on an empty stomach, you can safely take it with food.

This medicine should be taken until the treatment is complete. Don’t stop the treatment if you feel better because the problem may return.

If you forgot to take Lymecycline, you should take it when you remember. Don’t take the double dose in order to make up for the skipped one. Take the medicine at the same time every day, so you can easily remember.

Lymecycline dosage

The recommended dosage is one capsule every morning. If you’re using this medication for different infections, ask your physician about the dosage.

How long can you take Lymecycline?

The treatment for Lymecycline usually lasts for around 8 weeks. Your physician will give you the proper estimation for the duration of your treatment. The duration can vary because the severity of an individual’s condition is different. Lymecycline should be taken at the same time every day. Make sure to take Lymecycline until your treatment is complete, even after you start feeling better.

Does acne come back after stopping lymecycline?

Your skin behaves a certain way, and it’s because of genetics. No type of medicine can change its behaviour, but it can help with certain conditions. Lymecycline works in a way that stops the bacteria from multiplying in your pores and causing acne. 

When your 8 weeks of treatment are complete, the physician will assess the state of your skin and give you further advice. Acne might return, but with proper care and regular checkups, it will be easier to deal with them. Never stop taking Lymecycline before your treatment is complete, even if you can see the improvements on your skin. By abrupting the treatment, the skin is left fragile and the acne will certainly return.

Where can I purchase Lymecycline via the internet?

Lymecycline is available for online purchase at Tru Medical . Since a prescription is mandatory, you need an online consultation with our prescription service. This way you can be certain that this medication is suitable for you.