Nytol Tablets

Nytol is a type of sleeping pill that offers almost immediate results. It’s extensive testing showed that it causes drowsiness rather quickly, and allows you to have a healthy, undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

What is Nytol?

It’s a sleep medication, with Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride as it’s main ingredient. It ensures that you have a restful sleep throughout the night. There are two varieties of Nytol. First is a Nytol Original, and the second being Nytol One-a-Night. All of the active ingredients are the same, the only difference being the required number of pills that you’d need to take.

Everyday stress affects more and more people’s ability to have a completely peaceful sleep. So much in fact, that in the United Kingdom, most adults will suffer from insomnia, at least temporarily, at some point in their life. WIth the stress and anxiousness levels being constantly high, it is hard for them to fall asleep, or even when they do, waking up multiple times a night is nothing out of the ordinary. Causing them to eventually wake up in the morning exhausted and irritable. 

As a powerful sleep aid medication, Nytol offers a chance for you to finally feel energised and sprightly in the morning. 

How does it work?

As previously mentioned, its main ingredient is Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. It is classified as antihistamine, a type of drug commonly used in treatment and prevention of allergic reactions. Its main job is to block or inhibit histamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the body’s immune response to allergens.

At the same time, it is also in connection with the brain’s sleep-wake cycle, since it sends neural signals to it, causing it to slow down it’s activity. That’s why Nytol is a potent sleep aid, because its main ingredient, has an effect on the brain’s sleep cycle, allowing you to calm down and drift off to sleep easily.

Why is taking Nytol useful?

Each person is different and the needed amount of sleep varies drastically; from about 6 hours, to up to more than 9 hours a night. But, the quality of the sleep is of a greater importance than the duration of the sleep itself.

Nytol ensures the quick feeling of drowsiness, allowing you to doze off momentarily, granting you a peaceful and relaxing all-night’s sleep. Which in turn, will not only leave you feeling re-energised, but also, in a better mood, with increased concentration, lower stress levels and with a better sleep schedule.

Dosages and usage

Nytol is a tablet, and as such, should be taken by mouth, with enough water. The dosage itself varies depending on the Nytol variant. The Nytol Original contains 25mg of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, while the ‘One-a-Night’ contains 50mg.

When it comes to Nytol Original, recommended dosage is 1-2 tablets, 20 minutes before sleep. While One-a-Night’s dosage is only 1 tablet before sleep.

The sleep medication should always be taken directly before bedtime, as a precaution, to avoid the possibility of it hindering your everyday activities, because of the lowered concentration.

It’s best to start with the lower dosage of 25mg, but if that is not enough then the stronger 50mg alternative should be considered.

Unwanted reactions and precautions

The most common symptoms that the majority of people might experience is the quick onset of sleepiness. As a fast-acting sleep medication it is required to keep in mind the time when you actually take it. In the majority of cases it shouldn’t be taken anytime other than right before sleep. Since it takes only about 20 minutes for it to work, you should refrain from trying to do tasks that require too much attentiveness or precision after taking it.

The other most apparent side effects can be that you might be sleeping for far too long or you’re feeling weary even after waking up. This is usually due to a large dosage. Try lowering your dosage if you notice similar symptoms. If these symptoms persist, contact your doctor immediately.

Avoid using Nytol if you are allergic to antihistamine or any other components of this medication. Consult with a medical professional if you are unsure.

How can I buy it online?

The best and easiest way for you to buy it online is through Trumedical. You do not need a prescription or a consultation with a pharmacist/doctor to purchase it. However, the information given in the leaflet is extremely important, and it is advised to follow it precisely.