What is Dianette and Where to Buy Online


One of the prominent contraceptive pills in the market is Dianette. Most women primarily use this tablet to treat skin disorders, including oily skin, acne, and excessive hair growth. The usage of this tablet doesn’t just end there as this is also a known pill that prevents pregnancy.

Function of Dianette

Dianette is a combination of two sex hormones for females一oestrogen and anti-androgen. The oestrogen inhibits the release of an egg from your ovaries, and the anti-androgen controls the hormones that trigger hair growth and the production of oil glands in your skin.

Benefits of Dianette Intake

Skin issues, such as acne and hair growth, are one of the prominent predicaments that most women experience. Luckily, this problem, along with unwanted pregnancy, can be solved by proper intake of Dianette pills.

Dianette is not only used to protect women against unplanned pregnancies but is also used to cure skin problems. Acne, excessive hair growth, and other skin problems can be very sensitive, and addressing them can boost a woman’s confidence.

The grease glands may create too much sebum if you generate too much androgen or if you are susceptible to the effect. This can clog the grease glands, causing them to become infected and irritated, resulting in acne. Dianette minimizes the number of androgens generated while also stopping androgens from harming your skin, resulting in clearer skin.

Proper Way to Use Dianette

Dianette is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Always listen and follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid adverse effects. You must also read the patient information booklet that comes with your prescription. Furthermore, you can consume this pill orally, drinking it whole with a glass of water.

To assure protection from the first pill, take the first tablet on the first day of your next period while commencing Dianette.

If you want to start taking Dianette but are currently taking another contraceptive medicine, you should begin taking Dianette just after you drink your last pack of the previous medication entirely.

Dianette should be started 21 days after delivery for women who have just given birth (guaranteed that you are entirely movable). However, you will need supplemental contraception, like condoms, for the first seven days on pills to prevent pregnancy. Additionally, you must consult your doctor before using Dianette if you’ve had a miscarriage or abortion.

Dianette packets are labeled with the days of the week and arrows to avoid misdirection and confusion when drinking these pills. These labels and arrows direct consumers in the right direction when using this pill. The first pill you take is depending on the day of the week you start. For instance, you decided to start taking the pill on Tuesday; then, you must take the tablet in the first row labeled “Tue.” Ensure that you follow the arrows and take one tablet per day until you’ve finished the pack.

Amount of Time You Should Use Dianette

After you’ve finished the 21 tablets in the pack, take a seven-day hiatus from taking medicines. If you took the pills properly, you would still be protected from getting pregnant during this period. You should start taking the next pack on the following day before the 7-day hiatus. So, if you finished the previous pack on a Sunday, you should start the new one the following Monday. 

You might experience some vaginal bleeding, similar to a period, during the break, and even if it hasn’t finished by the time you’re supposed to start the second Dianette pack, you should still continue it on the scheduled day.

Dosage of Dianette

Dianette contains 2 mg of cyproterone acetate and 35 mcg of ethinylestradiol in each tablet. Those who use it should take one every day at around the same time for 21 days, then take a seven-day interval, equating to a four-week supply from each pack.

It is important to follow and never forget to take a pill daily when it comes to using these kinds of drugs. If you miss a tablet or start a strip late, your pill may be less effective. If you forget to take a tablet, simply take it when you remember, and it will not be an issue. You may not be protected from getting pregnant if you miss more than one or begin a pack longer than one day late. But if you are accidentally in this situation, then continue taking the pill as usual. Take the most recent missing pill and leaving any additional missed pills in the pack, but you must use supplementary contraception, like condoms, for the next seven days for safety.

If you’re unwell or have severe diarrhea, that pill may not provide your body with the hormones it needs. Take a tablet from a spare strip if you get unwell within 2 hours of taking Dianette. If you can, keep taking your pills as usual, and you shouldn’t need to utilize any additional contraception.

Finish the strip of pills you’re taking if you want to postpone your menstruation. Start the following strip the next day, rather than waiting the usual seven days, and continue as usual.

Best Place to Buy Dianette Online

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