Kliovance is an HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy used in treating women experiencing the signs and symptoms of menopause.

How Kliovance works

When a woman goes through menopause, her body’s natural production of oestrogen will start to drop drastically. Kliovance contains 2 female hormones: estradiol hemihydrate or oestrogen and norethisterone acetate or progestogen. These hormones work towards replenishing the natural hormonal levels in a woman’s body, thereby offsetting the usual symptoms and signs associated with menopause.

Benefits of Kliovance

Among the most common symptoms menopausal women experience include night sweats, hot flashes of the chest, face and neck, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle, mood changes and even thinning hair.

These symptoms have a tendency to affect and even disrupt a woman’s daily life. This is why the use of HRT medications like Kliovance which replenishes the depleting hormones in the body can truly make a difference.

How to use Kliovance

Kliovance is available as a prescription-only medication. Follow your doctor’s advice and direction when it comes to using the medication. You can also learn more about the product by reading the information leaflet that the medication packet comes with. It is common for doctors to get you started with the lowest dose possible when treating your symptoms. He may eventually increase the dosage depending on how you respond to the initial prescription.  

Take a tablet every day and if possible, at approximately the same time, every time. Just swallow the whole pill along with a gulp or so of water. Just go through the whole pack and start immediately with a new one once you finish your current one.

You have the option to start taking Kliovance on any day that is most convenient for you. However, if you are still getting regular monthly periods, then it is best to wait until the bleeding ends before starting the treatment. Kliovance tablets are packaged in a disc packet. You will need to set in on the very first day, so reminding yourself to take the daily dose will be easier.

Kliovance dosage

The active ingredients contained in Kliovance are female hormones. Expect your doctor to get you started with the lowest dose when treating your symptoms.

Each tablet contains 1mg of estradiol hemihydrate along with 0.5mg of norethisterone acetate.

Should you forget to take your Kliovance tablet for the day, then make sure to take it right when you remember, unless you’ve already been over 12 hours late. If this happens, then just dispose of the tablet you missed. Then, just resume taking the rest of the tablets as normal. Never take a double dose to try to make up for any missed dosage.

If you happen to take more Kliovance than what is advised, get in touch with your doctor immediately as there is a very good chance that you might start to be or feel sick.

Precautions and side effects

Always consult your doctor before taking Kliovance. Never take Kliovance if you have any of the following:

  • You’ve had or is suspected of breast cancer
  • You’ve experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • You’re diagnosed with oestrogen-sensitive type of cancer
  • You have or have had blood clot in the veins
  • You’ve experienced excessive thickening of the lining of the womb
  • You have blood clotting issues
  • You’ve had liver problems
  • You’ve had a condition caused by arterial blood clotting
  • You have porphyria
  • You are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients used in the medication

Our Kliovance prescription can also get affected by several other external factors. if you happen to have any of the following, then be sure to let your doctor know before starting the treatment:

  • You’ve had womb fibroids
  • You’re diabetic
  • You have liver problems
  • Your blood pressure is high
  • You have a family history of cancer that is sensitive or oestrogen
  • You’re high risk of developing a blood clot
  • You’ve had growth in the lining outside your womb
  • You have fluid retention problems due to kidney or cardiac issues
  • The level of fat in your blood is very high
  • You suffer from a disease that affects your eardrum or your hearing in general
  • You’re asthmatic
  • You’re epileptic
  • You have an autoimmune disease which affects various organs in the body
  • You suffer from bad headaches or migraines
  • You have gallstones

In addition, Kliovance has active ingredients which have a tendency to be affected by or affect other medicines. Among the medications which you are likely to experience this are:

  • Tuberculosis medications
  • Epilepsy medications
  • HIV infection medicines
  • Hepatitis C virus infection medications
  • Herbal remedies that contain St. John’s Wort

If you’re currently taking any of the above-mentioned medications, make sure that you let your doctor know ahead of time. They should be able to advise you whether Kliovance would be beneficial for you or not considering your current health.

HRT medications are known to increase the thickening of the womb lining. It can also cause excessive thickening of womb lining cancer. However, the additional progestogen in the medication protects you from any extra risk. In addition, HRT medication also increases the possibility of you developing breast cancer so make it a point to always inspect your breasts regularly. Let your doctor know if you happen to notice any changes.

Users of HRT medications are also faced with a higher risk of blood clots compared to those that don’t. This is especially true for the first year of taking the medication. Always keep your eyes peeled for potential signs of blood clots and contact your doctor immediately if you ever notice anything out of the ordinary.

Among the most common side effects that Kliovance users experience are:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Breast tenderness or pain
  • Mood change, depression, migraine or headache
  • Vaginal infection or inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Weight gain
  • Back pain
  • Swelling or enlargement of the breasts

If you happen to experience any or more of the side effects mentioned above, or if you find that they worsen and they persist, then contact your doctor immediately. Make sure to let your doctor know right away if you ever experience anything serious from taking the medication.