Elleste Duet

Elleste Duet is an HRT or a hormone replacement therapy used in treating women who are starting to show signs and symptoms of menopause. 

How Elleste Duet works

When a woman undergoes menopause, her oestrogen production in the body will significantly drop. Elleste Duet is made up of two female hormones, a progesterone (norethisterone acetate) and oestrogen (estradiol hemihydrate). Together they work to replenish the natural levels of hormones in a woman’s boy to help offset the usual effects associated with menopause. 

Benefits of Elleste Duet

Among the most common symptoms associated with menopause include irregular menstrual cycle, hot flashes of the chest, neck and face, mood changes, thinning of hair, weight gain and night sweats. 

These symptoms tend to cause disruption in a woman’s day-to-day life which is why the use of HRT medications like Elleste Duet can help not only in restoring the natural hormone balance in a woman’s body but also a sense of normalcy in their lifestyle. 

How to use Elleste Duet

Elleste Duet is a medication that requires a prescription. Always follow your doctor’s advice and pay attention to the patient information leaflet included in the tablet packet. It is common for doctors to start you with a lower dose when treating your symptoms, eventually adjusting the dosage depending on your response. 

Each pack has 16 tablets in a single colour with 12 in another colour. It is important to always start with the 16 tablets. Make sure to take a tablet daily and at the same time. Just swallow the tablet with a gulp of water. You should notice an arrow next to the first tablet which should help serve as your guide that you are taking it in the right order. 

If you are still getting your regular periods, it is best to start taking the tablet on the first day of bleeding. If you’re no longer getting your periods, then you can just start taking the pills any time. If you are already taking another kind of HRT, it is important that you start Elleste Duet on the day after finishing your previous pack. 

Many women who are taking Elleste Duet will experience a monthly bleed, very similar to a period. There are also others that do not experience any monthly bleeding at all. If you are among those women that will experience a monthly bleed, then it is very likely to have this around the 21st day of the packet to the 5th day of the next one. If you do experience erraticism with the bleeding, however, it is important to let your doctor know immediately.