Vaniqa Cream

Vaniqa is a popular facial hair cream used by women to reduce hair growth in the face. Learn more about its active ingredients, how it works and the precautions and side effects through reading the article further.

What Is Vaniqa Cream? 

Vaniqa cream is a topical medication that contains a substance called Eflornithine. It is a popular topical drug that slows down facial hair growth in women. The medication is not to be used for hair found on the rest of the body. The cream blocks certain elements such as enzymes that facilitate hair growth. This results in the slowing down of hair growth. It also makes the hair lighter in colour and finer. However, this cream does not entirely remove the hair.

Please be reminded that this product is not suitable for children 12 years and younger.

How Does Vaniqa Cream Work? 

The active ingredients present in Vaniqa cream, specifically Eflornithine (Hydrochloride Monohydrate), hinder the production of ODC or Ornithine Decarboxylase enzyme. The ODC enzyme is required to create Polyamines that create rapid hair growth thus, producing new hair strands. Without this enzyme, the skin will not be able to grow hair. Vaniqa cream works in effectively blocking the ODC enzyme, hence slowing down the hair growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Vaniqa Cream? 

Many women would like to get rid of facial hair. Vaniqa cream considerably reduces the growth of hair in the face and the chin area which is suitable for women. It does not stop hair growth completely or remove hair but it slows down the growth of unwanted hair. With continuous usage, the hair in the face and chin area will become less noticeable, less coarse, and hair will appear lighter.

How Do I Use Vaniqa Cream? 

Clean the face and pat dry including the chin area. Put a thin layer of Vaniqa cream onto the facial area where unwanted hair growth is prevalent. Rub the cream thoroughly in the affected area. The medication must be applied thoroughly and make sure that there is no cream visible after rubbing it well in. Wash your hands thoroughly after the application of Vaniqa cream. For best results, the treated area must remain dry for about 4 hours after application. You may apply sunscreen or makeup over the treated area, but wait 5-10 minutes to pass before application.

Users have reported visible improvements in as little as 4 to 8 weeks of consistent usage. Vaniqa cream may work slowly, so use it with caution and follow the directions in the packaging. This product is not recommended for hair on other parts of the body. Do not use it more often than prescribed. 

Consult with your doctor if you experience irritation or redness in the area where Vaniqa is applied.