Metformin is a first-line medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is also commonly used as an “off-label” prescription for PCOS; off-label meaning it is something not covered by the product license, but it is still safe or fit for the purpose. It works by restoring your response to your body’s natural insulin and also lessens the sugar produced by your liver. 

What Are Metformin Tablets? 

Metformin is a treatment used to control diabetes or high blood sugar. When combined with a specific diet and exercising regimen, as well as other medications if necessary, Metformin can be used to put blood sugar levels under control. The treatment is used for Type 2 Diabetes.

When a person has type 2 diabetes, their body does not produce enough insulin or produces ineffective insulin. This can cause blood sugar levels to increase, causing hyperglycaemia.

High blood sugar can lead to a series of complications including nerve issues, limb loss, kidney damage, blindness and sexual problems such as low drive or erectile dysfunction. Controlling your type 2 diabetes can prevent all these and even more serious issues including a stroke or a heart attack.

Metformin is usually prescribed after lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet do not produce good results on their own.

Metformin can be also used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome off-label, as the treatment can stimulate ovulation.

How Does Metformin Work? 

Metformin helps bring back the normal levels of insulin naturally produced by the body. Insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. The treatment also lowers the amount of sugar produced by the liver that the intestines and stomach later absorb. Metformin also changes how your body responds to insulin for the better.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Metformin? 

Metformin can improve your body’s reaction to insulin and help keep your blood sugar levels under control. It can also reduce the amount of sugar your liver produces. Therefore, the treatment lowers the risk of contracting one of the conditions that hyperglycaemia can lead to.

How To Get A Prescription For Metformin? 

You will need a prescription for Metformin; you cannot buy Metformin over the counter. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor and see if he or she approves of using the drug to combat the symptoms of PCOS. As mentioned, treatment plans may vary depending on the symptoms you may have.  

How And When Should I Take Metformin? 

Before you start the therapy, make sure to read the information in the leaflet provided with the medicine. Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to take the medicine.

Take the tablets orally as instructed by your doctor. The usual dose of Metformin is between one and three times a day, usually with food. Take a lot of fluids when taking this treatment unless specified otherwise by your doctor.

The exact dosage of the medicine is based on your condition, other treatments you are taking and your response to Metformin.

Your doctor might start you off with a lower dose to see how your body reacts to the medicine and how Metformin might interact with other therapies you are taking. Once the doctor evaluates your response, they will increase the dose. Make sure you follow their instructions thoroughly.

If you were already taking a diabetes treatment, follow your doctor’s instructions on how to safely replace the treatment with Metformin.

Make sure to check the blood sugar levels periodically as instructed by your doctor. Make sure to share those results, especially if the results deviate from the norm. The doctor might adjust your dose or change your therapy accordingly.

What Is The Correct Metformin Dose?

The usual metformin dose is one to three tablets per day, but that might vary from patient to patient. Follow your doctor’s instructions on the Metformin dose carefully.

Where To Buy Metformin? 

You can buy Metformin online safely and with confidence at True Medical. You will need to fill out your online prescription before your order is processed and delivered. Our pharmacists are available for online consultation if you have any questions or concerns regarding the drug or its use.