Metforminꟷ What does it Do?

Research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that when it comes to diseases, the ones that kill people aren’t really those that are considered incurable. Diseases that progress over time are the problem. Data from a 2015 WHO research showed that 56.4 million people across the world died because of these diseases. People who aren’t careful of their lifestyle choices might just become part of the statistics of those that develop high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.  In the WHOL list for the deadliest diseases, diabetes is on the 6th spot.

When a person has very high blood sugar levels, insulin production in the body gets affected which will eventually result in type 2 diabetes. This may be due to a variety of factors. For instance, the pancreas may not be producing enough insulin, it may not be producing insulin at all, or the insulin it produces may not be effective. Insulin is a hormone responsible for maintaining the blood sugar levels to ensure that it doesn’t get too low or too high.

Doctors have prescribed a variety of medications to help keep the blood sugar levels under control and one of the most widely used treatments these days is Metformin.

How Metformin works

Metformin is a medication which can help control blood sugar levels. It works by restoring the way the body responds to insulin, which it naturally produces. It also helps by reducing the level of sugar that is produced in the liver and the amount of sugar that your intestines and stomach absorb.

People with type 2 diabetes suffer from a condition where the insulin that’s produced by the pancreas is unable to get sugar into the body cells. With Metformin, the blood sugar level is lowered when it is too high. It also helps restore food consumption which is essential in making energy which the body uses.

Benefits of Metformin

One of the most crucial benefits of Metformin is that it helps stabilizes the blood sugar levels. This is most helpful for people suffering from type 2 diabetes since these patients since they are not fully dependent on getting their dose of insulin via injection. When there is too much sugar in the blood, it can lead to excessive weight gain which can eventually lead to obesity kidney damage, high blood pressure, nerve problems, blindness, stroke, heart attack and even loss of limbs. Metformin works by preventing this form from happening as it plays the crucial role of keeping your blood sugar under control.

Metformin is also used for women suffering from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. The drug helps in enhancing ovulation and t helps regulate menstruation. It can also help improve cholesterol levels in the body as well as reduce excessive hair growth and lessen acne. Metformin, in branded form, is known as Glocophage SR.

People who want to lose weight might also find Metformin quite helpful, especially those that want to lose their extra pounds by stopping their sugar absorption.

Proper usage of Metformin

It is essential that patients are aware of any potential allergies before starting any treatment using Metformin. It is essential that they first see their doctor for routine bloodwork to be done before starting the course. This ensures that they will be prescribed the correct dose of the drug.

Metformin is typically taken orally usually followed by water or any liquid, depending on what your doctor has advised. It is also common to take the drug three times a day, following a meal. It is important to take the drug regularly and to follow a strict schedule. This ensures that you are getting the most benefits out of it.

Checking your blood sugar on the regular is essential when taking Metformin. Make sure to see your doctor for your medical check-ups as advised to get a better grasp of how well you are responding to the treatment.

Metformin precautions to remember

Aside from any potential allergies, it is essential that you discuss your medical history with your doctor. This is especially true if you’ve ever ad breathing problems in the past like asthma. Let him know too if you have lung disease, liver complications or kidney problems before getting the treatment started.

If you are taking other drugs, then let your doctor know about them before taking Metformin. The drug has inactive ingredients that may trigger complications or allergic reactions so letting your pharmacist and health provider know about these details is crucial to give them a good picture of where things stand as far as your medication condition goes.

Pregnant women will need clearance before starting any Metformin treatment as the drug may affect the baby adversely. Always talk to your doctor about the risks involved as well as the benefits it entails in order to come up with a properly informed and weighted decision, especially where a baby is involved.

In addition, Metformin can change the ovulation cycle. This means that there is a high risk that you might get pregnant. This is why if you are taking Metformin and are not yet ready to become a parent, then using birth control before taking Metformin is advised.