About Marvelon, A Birth Control Pill

The primary role of Marvelon is preventing the women’s eggs from developing in the menstrual cycle. Hence, fertilization won’t take place. Ethinyl Estradiol and Desogestrel are used to make this birth control pill. 

The purpose of making birth control pills is to stop pregnancy from happening but the efficacy is not 100%. Making oneself completely exempted from pregnancy can be done through surgery of becoming sterile or refraining from sex. 

It’s best to discuss birth control options with your doctor. Unfortunately, this pill can’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or HIV. Moreover, you shouldn’t depend on this as an emergency contraceptive like indulging in intercourse with no protection. This birth control pill must be prescribed by a doctor.

Get to Know How Marvelon Works 

Marvelon prevents egg cells from being fully mature in every menstrual cycle. Once it happens, the egg can’t accommodate sperm anymore and fertilization can’t take place.

Benefits You Can Get from Marvelon 

Preventing fertilization in a woman’s productive system is the main job of Marvelon. This pill starts working by not allowing the egg to fully mature. Other benefits can be gained from it too such as:

  • Always use it correctly so it can serve as a reversible contraceptive method.
  • Not an interruption of sexual activities.
  • Your period becomes regular, less painful, and lighter.
  • Acts a reliever during the time of premenstrual symptoms.

The Proper Ways of Using Marvelon 

Educate yourself about blood clots before commencing to use Marvelon. It’s vital to understand the symptoms of blood clots to detect them right away. Every user should know the benefits as well as risks of taking Marvelon. 

It will also help you decide whether to continue taking this pill when you’ve already started the medication. You should know that it suits healthy women but it’s not for everyone. 

You have to discuss first with your doctor and be honest about your family medical history. It’s also necessary to undergo a breast examination and have your blood pressure checked.

Needing another prescription Marvelon requires regular doctor check-ups. Also, cervical smear tests should be done frequently. 

Take some time to look at the condition of your breasts and nipples every month. If there’s something wrong or unusual, you have to report it to your doctor. 

In cases that you need to have a blood test, you have to notify the doctor that you take Marvelon as the result can be altered by this pill. During the surgical procedure, don’t forget to inform your doctor or dentist.

Ask your doctor to assess your health status if you’ll be fine taking this birth control pill. Some conditions are not suitable for Marvelon. Only associate it with your family planning if it won’t cause adverse effects.

You can avail Marvelon in a strip with 21 pills. Every pill is allocated for a certain day. It’s good to follow the marks so you won’t miss it. Choosing a certain period to take this pill can help a lot to prevent skipping a day.

There are arrows on the strip too and you can follow them until you complete the 21 days. You can swallow it with or without water. But never crush or chew this tablet.

You’re allowed to take a break for a week after you finish a single strip which is equivalent to 21 days. It’s normal to have withdrawal bleeding a few days after the 21st day. 

When the 7 days of taking a break have passed, you can start with another strip even with the ongoing bleeding. After miscarriage and abortion, it’s okay to us Marvelon. The first pill works as contraceptive protection right away. 

However, you have to ask your doctor first the ideal time that you can have it if you just gave birth to a baby. Missing a single pill is manageable as you can immediately take it. Swallowing two pills is fine and you still secure the protection from getting pregnant.

Dose to Follow 

One pill is the daily dose for the whole 21 days and followed by a week of interval. Once the given break has come to pass, you can start with another strip again.

Adverse Effects and Precautions 

Medications including Marvelon can carry out adverse effects. Nevertheless, they affect users differently. So, expect that what you experience is not similar to other women. Just be aware of the possible adverse effects:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Breast enlarges with tenderness
  • Blood clots in the blood vessels
  • Changes or alterations on the disposal of blood during menstruation
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Gallstone
  • Headache or migraine
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular brown skin spots
  • Liver issues


  • spotting a.k.a. breakthrough bleeding
  • Nausea or throwing up
  • Skin reactions
  • Steepening of corneal curvature and brings discomfort to those who wear contact lenses
  • Vaginal thrush 
  • Water retention
  • Weight change

Women with certain conditions are not advisable to allow Marvelon into their bodies. A discussion with your doctor is a way for a woman to find out if she can have it or not. 

Women who are older than 35 years old should take this pill with caution. It will be the same thing for those who are from families who have a medical history of heart attack, blood clot, and stroke.  

If your doctor knows about your condition, you can be allowed to use Marvelon but monitoring is necessary. It’s only for the prevention of pregnancy but it mustn’t be utilized while going through pregnancy. 

When you have ideas that you can get pregnant despite taking this pill, stop it and don’t hesitate to tell your doctor. The hormones present in this medication reduce breast milk production. 

It’s not for breastfeeding mothers to take Marvelon until they’ve gotten over weaning. Another thing that you need to do is to reveal all the medication that you have to your doctor before starting with this tablet.

You need to do it vice versa when taking another medication. Ask your doctor if it’s fine to take a certain medication while on Marvelon. Some drug combinations are unsafe.

Where to Buy Marvelon Online 

Some may be reluctant to buy medicine online. But with TruMedical, it’s guaranteed that you can get authentic drugs just like the Marvelon that it offers. Before you can purchase, you have to consult a pharmacist first.