What Is Ellaone?

Ellaone is a prevention pill. You take Ellaone to forestall the chances of getting pregnant or if the contraceptive strategy was ineffective. This ineffectiveness can be due to condom leaks and not taking contractive pills as instructed.

How Ellaone Works 

Ellaone contains an active substance called ulipristal acetate. The drug works by regulating the female sex hormone progesterone receptors by delaying ovulation, which depends on the menstrual cycle stage the woman is at the time.

During the menstrual cycle, the egg matures and leaves the ovaries. After the release, the ovary yields progesterone which prevents the release of more eggs. The active substance in the Ellaone pill tricks the body into assuming ovulation has transpired, thus causing a delay in the release of eggs from the ovary.

Benefits Of Ellaone Consumption 

Ellaone is an effective drug that helps avert the risk of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex or contraceptive issues.

How To Use Ellaone 

Ellaone is an OTC drug that can be bought online and consumed without prescription. You are to read the product’s information and heed to medical advice available in the medical package.

Take one tablet of Ellaone within 5 days after having unprotected sex or an ineffective contraceptive strategy. You can consume it during the menstrual cycle and at any time of the day.

Do not consume the drug as a daily contraception pill but as a remedy for times when other strategies have failed. Having unprotected sex after consuming the Ellaone pill will not stop pregnancy. If this happens, look into other contraceptive methods. Its effectiveness is dependent on how fast you take it.


Ellaone tablet is a single 30mg tablet that contains the active substance ulipristal acetate. You should take the drug immediately after having unprotected sex no longer than 5 days.

If ill or vomiting within 3 hours of consuming the tablets, you can take another tablet immediately. It’s normal for the next menstrual period to have a delay after consuming Ellaone. Nonetheless, if the period delay is more than 7 days or you noticed an abstract issue, you are to do a pregnancy test.

How To Purchase EllaOne Online 

Ellaone can easily be purchased online without the need for a medical prescription or meetings with a medical practitioner. However, it is mandatory to heed the information provided in the patient leaflet contained in the package.