Find out essential information before taking the Cilest Pill through this article. Reading further will give you knowledge on what this pill contains, how it works, the precautions and the possible side effects you’ll have to prepare for.

What is Cilest? 

Cilest is a birth control pill that contains progestogen and oestrogen. It prevents pregnancy.

How does the Cilest Pill work? 

Cilest pill has two hormones progestogen and oestrogen that hinders pregnancy by blocking the release of the egg from the ovaries. In addition, it also thickens the mucus in your cervix to make it harder for the sperm to get through to the womb.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Cilest? 

Choosing to use Cilest protects women against unwanted pregnancies, thus giving them more liberty of choice for their lives. Since it contains hormones, Cilest can also aid in improving a woman’s menstrual cycle by regulating it or lessening its symptoms. 

 Cilest falls under the combined pill type of contraceptive pill which many women favour for its reliability and versatility. This method can easily be reversed and doesn’t interfere with sex. With Cilest, periods will be regular and lighter, thus less agonizing. 

How Do I Take Cilest? 

Cilest is a prescription-only drug. Always stick to your doctor’s instructions and read the patient information brochure that comes with Cilest. Take the tablet by mouth and swallow it whole with some water. 

When you start with Cilest, ensure your protection from the first pill by taking the first tablet up to and including the fifth day of your next menstruation. You can also choose to start on any day, but keep in mind that protection starts after 7 days of taking it correctly (thus, extra contraception is essential during this time, such as condoms). 

If you want to start taking Cilest but are currently on another pill, you can start at any time (given that you are not pregnant). If you are using a method of contraception without hormones and your period started more than 5 days ago, extra contraception is necessary until you have taken the first 7 pills correctly. For women who recently gave birth and want to start Cilest, consult your doctor first as the probability of blood clots is increased at this time. If you have had an abortion or miscarriage, your doctor can instruct you about starting Cilest.

The packets have distinct markings of the days and arrows that guide users on the direction of use. You pick your first pill depending on the day of the week that you started (let’s say, if you start on a Tuesday then take the tablet labelled ‘Tue’). Take one tablet a day, following the direction of the arrows until you finish the pack.

After you have finished taking the 21 tablets, you should take a break with no pills for 7 days. You will not get pregnant during this time, given that you were taking the pills properly. After this 7-day rest, you should start the new pack on the day following your last pill (for example, if you finished your previous pack on a Saturday, you should start with the new pack on the following Sunday).  Vaginal bleeding will happen during the 7-day break. You should start your new Cilest pack on the day you are due regardless if the bleeding has stopped or not.

What Is The Dosage For Cilest? 

Cilest tablets are available in 35/250 microgram film-coated tablets consisting of ethinylestradiol and norgestimate respectively. It should be taken once per day for 21 days at a similar time and then 7 days without it, thus each packet is good for a month. 

Missing a pill or taking it late lowers its effectiveness. If you miss one pill, take it as soon as you remember to avoid problems. Cilest missed pills or starting a pack late for more than one day may mean you won’t be reliably protected against pregnancy. If this happens, ensure to take extra contraception like condoms, while continuing to take the pill as normal, taking the most recent missed pill and leaving any additional missed ones in the pack. 

If you are sick or have a very bad case of diarrhoea, your body may not receive the proper dose of hormones from the Cilest pill. You’ll need to take an extra pill if you vomited within 2 hours of taking it.  Proceed with taking your pills normally if possible. Extra contraception shouldn’t be necessary at this time.

If you wish to postpone having a period, finish the current packet and skip the 7-day no-pill break.