What is Yasmin

Yasmin is a female birth control pill that unites two sex hormones known as drospirenone, Ethinyl estradiol, progestin, and estrogen. Yasmin is used to averting a pregnancy. It also helps reduce blood loss, painful periods, reduces the risks of having ovarian cysts, and aids in improving menstrual period regularity.

Yasmin pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases between couples. Examples of these diseases are gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia, and so on.

How Yasmin pills work 

Yasmin, when consumed, prevents the release of eggs during the menstrual cycle. It also thickens the fluid in the vagina, which prevents the sperm from reaching an egg, thus preventing fertilization. It stops fertilized eggs from clinging to the uterus lining. The fertilized eggs will leave the body if it is not attached to the wall of the uterus.

Benefits Of Taking Yasmin  

Yasmin pills have pretty several benefits, which are:

The menstrual cycle prevents the release of an egg. 

It thickens the vaginal fluid, making the sperm unable to reach an egg, thus preventing fertilization and pregnancy from occurring.

It alters the lining of the uterus in the human system, making it hard for fertilized eggs to bind themselves.

How To Take The Yasmin Pill 

You take Yasmin pills orally. It can be ingested with food or without it once a day. Taking the pill at the exact time in a day would serve as a reminder to take a dose. It is best taken after supper or before resting to avert stomach discomfort or feeling nauseous.

New people who started taking Yasmin tablets should go through the product information leaflet included in the package. The leaflet provides relevant information on how well to consume the pill, what time to consume it and what to do if you miss a dose. 

Take heed to the package information to discover the first tablet. Consume the tablet from the first to the other ones in the exact order. Skipping a dose or late consumption of a new pack can lead to conception or pregnancy. You should also consult a family doctor or a family planner for better direction.

When to take Yasmin Tablet 

One Yasmin pack contains twenty-one (21) pills with active substances. It also includes 7 days of remembrance pills at the base of the pack. The pills with the active substances are to be consumed daily for 21 days. If using the Yasmin pack of 28 pills, continue with the 7 reminder pills with inactive substances daily, unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

If utilizing the 21 pill package, refrain from taking other pills for 7 days. Ladies anticipate having their menstrual flow on the third day after taking the last pill in the sequence. After consuming the last pill or having 7 days of free time, continue the pill consumption the next day irrespective of having a period.

Facts Related To Yasmin Intake 

People who are new to taking Yasmin pills and are not changing from a hormonal birth control medication are to consume the main tablet a Sunday after having a menstrual period or on the first day of menstrual flow. In essence, if the menstrual flow starts on a Sunday, you can consume the pills on that same day. During and only the first cycle, individuals use a different type of non-hormonal birth control for 7days to avert pregnancy and allow the drug to work fully. But if you take the drug from the first day of menstrual cycle flow, an extra birth control tool is not needed.

How To Purchase The Yasmin Pack 

You can purchase Yasmin tablets at Tru Medical in line with other medications. Before purchase, customers are to have an online consultation with a pharmacist. They do this procedure before any supply would take place.

The online meeting with a pharmacist would confirm that Yasmin is the exact medication for customers’ medical conditions.