Clindamycin (Zindaclin) gel

Clindamycin gel (brand name Zindaclin) is a prescription only once daily topical gel. It works by killing bacteria that can lead to painful acne pimples. It may take between 4-8 weeks to start seeing the full effect however you should start seeing improvement much sooner.

  • Antibiotic topical gel
  • Easy once daily application
  • Decreases redness and inflammation

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Can you buy zindaclin without a prescription? 

No, this is a prescription only medication. However TrueMedical can provide this product once a questionnaire has been filled out and approved by our prescriber.

How often should I apply zindaclin gel? 

Zindaclin is a once daily application. It can be applied in the morning or at night depending on your preference.

How long will it take to start seeing an improvement? 

Although it can take between 4 and 8 weeks to see a full improvement, you should start seeing some improvement much earlier.

Are there any side effect when using Zindaclin gel? 

Many people do not experience any side effects with this medication however uncommon side effects include facial irritation and burning. If this happens you should contact your GP and stop using the product. In very rare cases allergic reactions may occur, symptoms include:

– Swelling of the tongue, mouth, lips, throat or face

– Wheezing or difficulty breathing

– Tight chest

– Rash on the skin that is blistered or peeling

In any of these cases it is important to call 999 or go straight to A&E immediately