The Little Blue Pill for Men

The little blue pill for men is the most popular erectile dysfunction drug meant to help men achieve and maintain an erection by relaxing the muscles in the walls of the penis and stimulating blood flow resulting in a lasting and stable erection. This little blue pill is the generic version with all the same benefits as the original but far cheaper!.

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  • Takes 30-60 minutes to work
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Generic ED Pills Used For? 

Men’s Blue Pills is an ED treatment also available in its generic form. It is widely acknowledged as the most popular male potency treatment that is used to allow men to enjoy a sexual encounter by stimulating the blood flow to the penis, helping men achieve and maintain an erection.

Sexual performance is a common issue for men over 50. Even some middle-aged men experience chronic or acute potency issues which may stem from various factors including health, mental state, or emotional issues. Fortunately, treatments such as Men’s Blue Pills have come a long way in helping men deal with these issues effectively.

The pills usually take 30 to 60 minutes to work and when paired with sexual stimulation can help men get an erection and enjoy the intercourse uninterrupted.

Both Men’s Blue Pills and its generic alternative are equally effective as they contain the same active ingredient. Both need to be taken ahead of the planned sexual activity and may significantly help improve men’s sex life, relationship, and self-esteem.

Do these Cure Erectile Dysfunction? 

Contrary to the common misconception, this ED pill only helps when you are sexually motivated. Therefore, you need to take it before a planned sexual activity and give your penis enough stimulation so you can achieve an erection. Therefore, while many believe that the treatment will not only help them achieve and maintain an erection but also increase their sex drive. This is why many consume it with alcohol, which is strictly advised against.

These are highly effective in treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but will not cure it completely. This drug simply improves the blood pressure in the penis, making it easier to keep an erection throughout the intercourse. However, it will not help treat the underlying condition causing it, whether it’s physiological or physical in nature.

While it is often referred to as a “magic pill”, this treatment is not a long-term solution for erectile dysfunction. However, it can help improve the symptoms in some ED patients who are suffering from this condition due to a lack of self-esteem or personal insecurity. As such, this can be a great stepping stone in resolving the underlying emotional issues causing erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is an issue men of any age can experience. Even though it is commonly associated with old age, erectile dysfunction affects up to 50% of men under 50 years of age, research has shown. In fact, erectile dysfunction can be one of the earliest signs of Cardiovascular Disease and diabetes.

This is the best way to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is very important to identify and address the underlying issue and treat it along with taking the treatment in order to ensure successful ED treatment.

Are these as Good as Name Brand ED Pills? 

These generic ed pills have the same ingredient as brand name ed pills and are available to buy online. Anyone who has used branded vs generic Little Blue Pills can testify to its effectiveness and the ability to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

However, if you are looking to buy ed pills online make sure to only buy from licensed online pharmacies like True Medical. The reason is that there are many knock-off alternatives to Little Blue Pills that are untested and contain a different chemical composition. As such, they are more likely to cause unwanted side effects and endanger your health or at least be significantly less effective.

When buying erectile dysfunction pills you have a choice of either the branded Little Blue Pills or the generic. However, the biggest difference between the two is in the fact that the generic’s price is almost half of that of the branded Little Blue Pills. However, apart from the price, there is no other difference between Little Blue Pills as both have identical chemical compositions.

Do You Need A Prescription For Generic ED Pills? 

These men generic ed pills are a prescription medicine meaning you cannot purchase it without the doctor’s prescription. This are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men It works exactly the same as branded Men’s Ed Pills but is different from other ED medications.

Another reason why it’s necessary to get a doctor’s prescription is the correct dosage. Depending on your health conditions, the severity of your issues and other factors the doctor may prescribe different doses.

Usually, when men first start taking generic erectile dysfunction pills the doctor recommends the standard dose of 50mg or one pill that you should take up to an hour before a planned sexual encounter. If the doctor establishes that this dose is not enough, he may recommend a dose of 100mg, which is the maximum dose anyone should take in 24h.

The doctor will also track any side effects you may experience while using this treatment and either modify the dosage or suggest an alternative ED treatment if your body does not respond well to the drug or exhibit any side effects.

Want To Know More About These Medications?

In the UK prices start at £9.99 for 4 pills of 50mg generic or £29.99 per 4 pills of branded 50mg. The prices vary, especially if you’re looking to buy it online.

Here at True Medical you can find both branded and generic ed pills in different packages as well as compare their prices when looking to buy for men online.

If you have a prescription for erectile dysfunction, you can find either treatment in almost every pharmacy in the UK as well as get it online at True Medical. As both branded and generic are prescription pills, you can only get them after you’ve filled out your prescription online and consulted with one of our medical experts online.

The National Health Service In England recommends purchasing prescription medicine from licensed online pharmacies only. Medicine like men’s ed pills requires a prescription because of the various side effects and contraindications related to their use. While it is safe to use for most people, some conditions and other medications make it unsafe for some men. This is why a doctor’s prescription is required as using it without one could have dangerous consequences. Prescription drugs have side effects that are more dangerous than over-the-counter ones. Using a drug that is not suitable for you could lead to serious health issues or even a tragic outcome.

There are many benefits to buying Viagra online, mainly the fact that many people are embarrassed to buy in person. If you order it online, you will not only be able to do it in a few clicks, you will also receive the drug in discreet packaging. At True Medical, we offer next-day delivery for those situations when you need a boost in bed quickly. Therefore, buying men’s ed pills online becomes much more convenient and much less embarrassing.