Taking an extra step to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy may mean you have to take a daily pill. As the name suggests, daily pills are contraceptives that you take every day at about the same time.

In this article, you can read about the combined contraceptive pill, Zoely. You can compare the information in this article to other online Zoely pill reviews to ensure its effectiveness.

  • A daily contraceptive pill
  • Prevents unplanned pregnancies
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Authentic medication
  • Sourced in the UK
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Zoely? 

Zoely is a combined contraceptive pill that contains two active ingredients,  nomegestrol acetate (progestogen) and estradiol (oestrogen). As a combined pill, Zoely is one of the most reliable reversible contraception methods; it helps prevent unplanned pregnancies and helps manage heavy, painful or irregular periods.

How do Zoely Pills work? 

During the monthly menstrual cycle, your hormone levels change to prepare and release an egg; this process is called ovulation. During the process, the uterine lining is prepared for implanting, and the cervical mucus becomes slippery to help the sperm reach the egg. However, when the egg is not fertilised, or the sperm does not meet the egg, the egg disintegrates and the uterine lining sheds; thus, causing your menstruation or period.

When you take Zoley as your contraceptive pill, the active ingredients, nomegestrol acetate, and estradiol overrides the natural process of your menstrual cycle by tricking your body to believe that ovulation has already occurred. When this happens, the ripening of your egg and subsequent release from the ovaries is prevented. 

Aside from that, Zoely also makes the mucus which helps the sperm easily reach the egg during natural ovulation becomes thick so that the sperm has a hard time passing reaching the womb and the released egg if ovulation has already occurred. If fertilisation is successful, the hormones in Zoely also makes the uterine lining not suitable for implantation of the fertilised egg.

What are the benefits of using Zoely? 

Medical professionals and some Zoely reviews revealed that the following are its most important benefits:

As a combined pill, it is one of the most reliable reversible contraception methods and is highly recommended by doctors.

It effectively prevents pregnancy in three different ways, as discussed above.

It helps manage menstrual problems, such as pain, heavy flow, and irregularity.

Want To Know More About Zoely?

One blister of Zoely contains 28 tablets; 24 white tablets with the active ingredients, and four yellow tablets without the actives. You need to take one pill every day at about the same time, with or without food or water.

Starting a new blister of Zoely requires that you take the first white active tablet found on the left-hand top and indicated with the label “Start.” The grey column in the blister has self-adhesive “day” labels that you can use as an indicator for the day of the week you’re starting your treatment. For example, if you are starting this treatment on Tuesday, you take the “TUE” label and stick on top of the blister above the row of white active tablets; “Place day label here” is indicated for your convenience.

Then, follow the direction of the arrows found on the blister when taking your daily pill. After you complete the 24 white tablets, continue with the four yellow ones until you finish the blister. Unlike other contraceptives, where you can take a seven-day pill-free break after 21 days, you have to take each tablet back to back as long as necessary.

It is recommended that you start taking Zoely on the first day of your period. Doing so ensures that you are immediately protected from pregnancy and will not need another method of contraception. Starting this treatment on the fifth day of your period, especially if you have a short menstrual cycle, means you will not be immediately protected from pregnancy; you should use another method of contraception, like condoms.

As always, you need to consult your doctor before starting any treatment like Zoely. If the doctor is sure that you’re not pregnant, you can take this pill at any time during your menstrual cycle; however, you should use other methods of contraception for the first seven days. If you follow these directions for taking this pill closely, you are guaranteed to be safe from pregnancy while taking the inactive pills.

If you forgot to take your dose, take the pill as soon as you remember or start the pack one day later; this may mean you have to take two pills at the same time. Then, continue taking the rest of the tablets following your daily schedule. Doing so ensures you are still protected from pregnancy.

However, if you forget to take two pills for the previously missed one or start a new pack more than one day late, Zoely’s protection from pregnancy becomes less effective. But you still have to take your missed pill and one for the day, which means you now have to take two. Since you may have forgotten more doses, just take the most recent missed pill. Then continue taking the pills as usual until you finish the pack. Under these circumstances, avoid having sex or use another method of contraception, such as condoms.

On another note, if you only have less than seven pills left after your last missed pill, finish the pack and start a new pack immediately, no need to take the four inactive pills.

You need to take another pill if you vomit the first one within two hours as it may not have been fully absorbed into the bloodstream. Take the second dose as soon as you feel better and proceed to take the pills as usual.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or suspects you could be pregnant, you should not use this pill. If you suspect pregnancy while taking this pill, you should stop using it immediately.

If you want to start this pill after giving birth, you should only do so between 21 and 28 days postpartum. You will also have to use other contraceptives, like condoms, for the first days while on the treatment, especially if you started more than 28 days postpartum or already had intercourse within the given period.

Moreover, this contraceptive is not advisable if you are breastfeeding. Seek advice from your doctor if you want to use this pill or other contraceptives while breastfeeding. 

If you suffered a miscarriage or had an abortion, you should not self-prescribe this treatment; consult with your doctor.

This pill will not protect you against any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Using a barrier type contraceptive like condoms is still more effective against STDs.

If you start using Zoely for the first time, you may experience irregularity in menstruation such as spotting, breakthrough bleeding, or missed period. Contact your doctor right away if your bleeding becomes heavy or persistent. Moreover, if you don’t have your period for two consecutive months, it is best to take a test to ensure you’re not pregnant before starting the next pack.

You can purchase Zoely at True Medical quickly & easily. You are required to take an online consultation with a medical professional to ensure this is the best treatment for you. Then you can place your order and opt for next day delivery to receive the medication at your doorstep the very next day.