What Is Brevinor?

Brevinor is a blended oral contraceptive, noted as ‘the Pill.’ The producers made it from two female hormones; estrogen and estrogen. The estrogen is known as ethinylestradiol and a progestogen called norethisterone. These hormones act similarly to the ones the body produces, with a function in the presence of cervical mucus to facilitate sperm motion and thickening of the womb lining (endometrium) to receive an egg. Brevinor prevents pregnancy by doing the following:

  • hindering ovulation (egg release)
  • thickening cervical mucus to offer a barrier to sperm, and 
  • making the endometrium inhospitable for egg implantation

How To Use Brevinor

Take Brevinor on the first day of menstrual flow (period). Endeavor to consume all 21 pills in the Brevinor tablet pack. Do not consume any drug for the next 7 days after the 21-days consumption. During those 7 days, it is possible to have a bleed. After the 7 days, start the following blister pack. There is no possibility of being pregnant. Follow the instructions provided. However, if there is no sign of menstrual flow, ask a doctor when to take it. It is possible to consume the pill on the second day down to the 5th day. However, there is a need to use a unique method of contraception (e.g., a condom) or keep away from sexual intercourse if unprotected.

Take any missed tablet as soon as possible (that could involve taking two tablets in one day) and continue as usual. Note, if 12 or more hours late in taking a tablet, use an additional method of contraception for the next seven days. Complete the first blister pack and start the next one after omitting a tablet and some pills remaining in the blister pack, without the usual 7-day break(it will aid protection). Complete both blister packs, or else there might not be indications of menstrual flow or blood while taking the tablets (this is not uncommon and of no harm). Consume only the required dosage. If more, seek medical attention as it can cause sickness or swelling of the breast or vaginal bleeding.

Sickness and diarrhea will affect protection even while taking the pill. Take the tablets as directed, but use condoms when sick and for 7 days after recovery. Finish the first blister pack and start the next pack during the 7 days without a break.

Stopping Brevinor consumption can increase the chance of pregnancy. Quit Brevinor for 3 months before attempting to conceive. After giving birth to a baby, do not take Brevinor while breastfeeding as it may decrease milk production. Endeavor to get advice from doctors or physicians about alternative contraceptives. Start taking Brevinor 21 days after the baby is born and there is no breastfeeding. It will give reliable protection. Take the tablets for 7 days before concluding to be protected. Some women can consume Brevinor soon after a miscarriage or abortion. You should get in touch with a doctor for advice on the use of Brevinor. If there is a need to have a baby, breastfeed, or have had a miscarriage.

While changing a brand of oral contraceptive, take the first new blister pack tablet on the day after completing the old blister pack. There won’t be a risk of pregnancy, but minor bleeding may occur.

Who Can Use Brevinor?

Do not take Brevinor if allergic to norethisterone, Ethinyl estradiol, or any extra component of this contraceptive. Avoid Brevinor if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take this medication if there are any of the following medical records: 

  • record of blood clots in the household 
  • have or have had a heart attack
  • angina or stroke
  • an increased blood level of fats
  • itching of the body
  • jaundice (known cause)
  • pemphigoid gestationis (a blistering rash)
  • cancer of the womb or cervix, breast, vagina
  • vaginal bleeding (known cause)
  • chronic liver disease and severe migraines.

Before taking Brevinor, let a doctor recognize if there is a medical history of the following: 

  • heart and blood vessel disease 
  • increased blood pressure
  • migraine/headaches
  • seizures
  • uterine fibroids or breast issues
  • uneven periods
  • kidney or liver problems
  • serious depression
  • visual disorders
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • multiple sclerosis
  • inherited deafness
  • porphyria
  • sickle-cell anemia or 
  • brown skin patches that develop during pregnancy

There is a possibility of a blood clot, cervical, breast, and liver cancer on the consumption of this medication. However, it may safeguard against endometrial and ovarian cancer. When there is a need for surgery, tell a doctor to stop this medication to use another. Also, Brevinor does not protect against transmitted infections. Do not go unprotected. Use a condom for safer intercourse.

Tell a doctor about all current medicines as they may affect Brevinor’s protective effect. Specifically, mention medications for epilepsy, any infection involving HIV, and St John’s wort. When taking Brevinor, notify a doctor or the person taking the sample test as it can affect certain laboratory tests.

Brevinor Side Effects

If experiencing breathing difficulties, chest pain, wheeziness, fever, swelling, rash, or itching, contact a doctor instantly as this may be an allergic effect. Other recorded significant side effects include coughing up blood, swollen/tender stomach, painful swollen leg veins, migraines/severe headaches. It is predominant, especially when there is a history of visual disorders, fragile or numb limbs, seizures, dizziness/fainting, or sight or speech difficulties. You might see other side effects: increased blood pressure, nausea, stomach upset, appetite change, depression, weight gain, swollen/sore breasts, alteration in libido, unstable periods, and deteriorating womb issues.

Can I Buy Brevinor Online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Brevinor if there is a record of consuming mixed oral contraceptive medicine. After filling the quick online consultation form, a doctor will evaluate if this medication is safe to consume.