Evorel Sequi

A bunch of Evorel HRT patches’ reviews online deemed this treatment as effective in treating menopausal symptoms. So, if you want to know more about Evorel Sequi patches, read on below.

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  • Contains oestrogen-only and combination patches
  • Relieve menopausal symptoms
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evorel Sequi? 

Evorel Sequi is a continuous sequential Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which contains eight transdermal patches: four Evorel 50 patches containing estradiol and Evorel Conti patches containing estradiol and norethisterone. This medication is used to alleviate menopausal symptoms among women of age.

How do Evorel Sequi Patches work? 

When women go through menopause, their oestrogen levels begin to drop. This phenomenon can cause uncomfortable symptoms, which includes hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle, night sweats, weight gain, hair thinning and mood changes. As a continuous sequential HRT treatment, the patches contained in Evorel Sequi replenishes the oestrogen levels to alleviate its associated symptoms.

The patches contain oestrogen (estradiol) and a combination of both oestrogen and progestogen (progestogen), which are released in a sequence. The oestrogen is released for two weeks, then, release alongside progestogen for the next two weeks.

Benefits of using Evorel Sequi

As mentioned, menopause can cause the following symptoms: face, neck and chest hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle, night sweats, weight gain, hair thinning and mood changes. As minute as these symptoms seem, they can disrupt your daily routine. Therefore, using the patches of the Evorel Sequi HRT preparation can help you treat and manage these symptoms. You can resume your normal routines even if you’re going through menopause.

How to use Evorel Sequi? 

Before you use this medication, you should first consult your doctor to ensure that this treatment is the best option for you. You should always follow the instructions as provided in your prescription and understand the directions in the enclosed information leaflet provided in the medication packet. Since Evorel Sequi consists of two patch varieties, you should follow your doctor’s directions as he/she will aim to prescribe the lowest dose to relieve your symptoms.

As a continuous sequential HRT treatment, you should wear your Evorel Sequi patches continuously until you replace it with a new one. You should replace your patch twice every week; follow a three- to a four-day interval between each patch replacement schedule.

You must follow the proper order of the patches to achieve maximum effectiveness. In the first two weeks, you should only use Evorel 50 patches, which contains only oestrogen one at a time during your patch schedule. Then, you should use the Evorel Conti patches, which contain both oestrogen and progestogen for the next two weeks. There should be no patch-free days; you should replace the patches one after another following your schedule.

If you are not using other forms of HRT nor have your periods anymore, you can start using Evorel Sequi on your preferred day. On the other hand, if you still have your regular periods but not under any HRT treatments, it is advised that you start your Evorel Sequi treatment on the first day of your next period. However, if you are changing from another HRT medication, start using Evorel Sequi the day after you complete your previous treatment.

Applying the patches is easy; all you need is to prep your skin and ensure it is clean and dry. Then, remove the protective cover on the adhesive side. Apply the patch to your chosen area, preferably on your lower abdomen, thigh, or bottom region. Press the patch gently on the skin, with the adhesive section facing the skin for about ten seconds. You should try to move your patch after every replacement schedule to avoid irritation. Also, the waistline is not a recommended area, so are the breasts or anywhere near them.

While using the patches, you don’t need to worry about normal activities, such as showering or bathing, and exercising as the patches were designed to withstand the said activities. You can also sunbathe; however, make sure to cover the patch. Make sure to check the patch after you do these activities to ensure it didn’t budge.

How long does Evorel Conti take to work? Well, it needs about two weeks of continuous use for it to release the required oestrogen and progestogen to help with the symptoms.

If you experience any light or spotted bleeding in the first few weeks, it is perfectly normal while under this treatment. However, if it persists or worsens, consult your doctor immediately.

Evorel Sequi dosage

As mentioned, Evorel Sequi contains four Evorel 50 patches and four Evorel Conti patches. The Evorel 50 patches contain estradiol in 3.2 mg, which releases 50 micrograms per 24 hours. Meanwhile, each Evorel Conti patch has 3.2 mg of estradiol releasing the same amount as the Evorel 50, and 11.2 mg of norethisterone acetate, which releases 170 micrograms per 24 hours.

Although it is unlikely that you use too much of this treatment, remove the patch immediately if you do so. In this case, you may experience tenderness of the breasts or vaginal bleeding. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist.

If you forget to change your patch as scheduled, do so as soon as you remember. Regardless of the day when this happens, go back to your normal schedule and never double dose as an attempt to make up for the missed one.

Want To Know More About Evorel Sequi?

If you have or have had any of the following, you should not use Evorel Sequi:

  • Breast cancer or suspects of having it
  • Oestrogen-sensitive cancer
  • Any unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Excessive thickening of the womb lining or endometrial hyperplasia
  • A blood clot in a vein
  • A blood clotting disorder
  • A disease due to arterial blood clotting
  • Liver disease
  • Porphyria
  • Allergies to any of this medicine’s ingredients

Inform your doctor about any of the following so that your doctor can tailor your prescription accordingly:


  • Fibroids inside the womb
  • Endometriosis or growth of the womb lining outside of the womb
  • An increased risk of blood clotting
  • An increased risk of developing cancer that is sensitive to oestrogen
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver disorder
  • Diabetes
  • Gallstones
  • Migraines or severe headaches
  • Organ-affecting immune system disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Eardrum- and hearing-affecting disease
  • Very high-fat level in your blood
  • Fluid retention caused by cardiac or kidney conditions

Evorel Sequi can affect the effectiveness of other drugs or be affected by other medicines. You should inform your doctor if you’re taking any of the following:

  • Medicines medications
  • Tuberculosis treatments
  • Medicines for HIV infection
  • Herbal remedies with St John’s Wort
  • Other anti-infective drugs

Your risk of developing excessive thickening of your womb lining, womb lining cancer, and breast cancer increases when you use HRT treatment. For this reason, you should conduct self-assessments and pay attention to any changes in your body. Notify your doctor if you notice any adverse changes.

Also, blood clots can occur more in women who use HRT than those who don’t, especially in the first year of treatment. Again, pay attention to any possible signs of a blood clot and contact your doctor right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Like any medications, Evorel Sequi can bring in side effects. If you notice any of the following after using the patches, inform your doctor right away:

  • Skin irritation on the previous application area
  • Breast pain
  • Rash or itchiness
  • Feeling dizzy, headache
  • Depression or mood change
  • Nausea or stomach pains, diarrhoea
  • Breakthrough bleeding, spotting, or periods
  • Weight gain

You can search online for Evorel patches’ reviews or Evorel Sequi reviews to determine other side effects experienced by other users. Again, if you experience any of the following side effects, contact your doctor immediately.

Evorel Sequi is a prescription-only medication; you can’t buy it over the counter. A proper diagnosis and prescription are required before purchasing it from your nearest pharmacies. You can also buy it from online pharmacies such as True Medical, but you will need to undergo an online consultation.