Qlaira is a type of female contraception categorized as the combined pill since it consists of estrogen and progesterone. This hormonal birth control is taken orally and is often prescribed to women in the UK.

What is Qlaira? 

As a form of birth control, Qlaira tablets enable women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In addition, they can also help women with their menstrual bleeding, alleviating their symptoms.

What type of pill is Qlaira?

As the combined pill, Qlaira consists of progesterone and estrogen, two female hormones. However, these pills contain synthetic versions of these two hormones that are metabolized as natural hormones. Progesterone is absorbed as its synthetic version, dienogest, and estrogen’s synthetic counterpart is estradiol valerate.

How do Qlaira pills work? 

Since Qlaira pills contain female sex hormones, they are able to change the way the body reacts throughout the menstrual cycle, tricking the body into believing that the ovulation process occurred when it actually had not.

During their menstrual cycle, women experience changes in their hormone levels. The role of hormones is to trigger the release of an egg from the ovaries, preparing the body for fertilisation. Estrogen and progesterone also affect womb lining, making it more suitable for a possible pregnancy. However, if the egg is not fertilised, hormone levels decrease, which leads to menstrual bleeding as a result of womb lining shedding.

Therefore, when women take Qlaira pills, the hormones prevent the body from releasing the egg. They also lead to the thickening of the mucus found in the cervix, which is another way how Qlaira prevents pregnancy. The pill makes it more difficult for sperm cells to fertilise the egg by stopping them from getting through the mucus at the womb neck.

Finally, Qlaira contraceptive pills also prevent pregnancy by changing the womb lining quality. This way, the womb is less suitable for egg implementation in case it has been fertilised.

What are Qlaira benefits? 

Women who decide to start taking Qlaira pills can experience the following benefits:

  • Qlaira pills prevent the release of an egg from the ovaries by making the body believe that ovulation took place.
  • This type of birth control also prevents sperm from entering and fertilising an egg by thickening the natural mucus.
  • These pills also make the womb lining less conducive to the possible implementation if an egg has been fertilised.
  • Qlaira also alleviates the symptoms of the menstrual cycle in women by making the bleeding lighter and regulating their cycles.

How do I take Qlaira? 

If you’re considering going on the pill and your medical professional has prescribed you Qlaira in the UK, you need to follow their instructions on how to use this contraceptive. Your doctor will advise you on how to take the pill and what to do if you miss to take one.

In general, Qlaira pills contain different amounts of hormones. In a pack, there are four different types of active Qlaira tablets:

  1. Dark yellow pills: There are two pills in a pack that feature a dark yellow colour. These pills consist of 2 mg of the synthetic estrogen – estradiol.
  2. Medium red pills: A Qlaira pack contains five of these tablets that contain both estradiol and dienogest, the synthetic version of progesterone. There are 2 mg of both of these hormones.
  3. Light yellow pills: There are 17 of these pills in a Qlaira pack. They contain both estradiol and dienogest, but in different doses. They contain 2 mg of estradiol and 3 mg of dienogest.
  4. Dark red pills: There are two of these pills that contain only estradiol in the dose of 1 mg.
  5. White pills: These pills are inactive.

How to take Qlaira

Here are a few guidelines on how to properly take Qlaira pills:

  • Make sure to take the pills orally.
  • Follow the markings on the pack.
  • Start taking the pills from the one marked with 1.
  • Use self-adhesive strips to mark the particular days on the pack.
  • Use the strips to mark the day you start taking Qlaira, and then follow the remaining day markings.
  • Take the white pills in order not to forget to take the pills from your next pack. This way, you don’t have to break the cycle. Qlaira pills provide protection against pregnancy even during the days you take the inactive pills.
  • Make sure to get a new pack and start taking Qlaira tablets immediately after completing the current pack. That is, once you’ve taken the last to white pills.
  • Try to take the pills at the same time every day. This way, it will be easier for you to remember to take a pill every day.
  • Take a Qlaira tablet on the first day of your menstrual cycle if you haven’t used this type of birth control.
  • Don’t break the cycle even if you’re switching from some other type of contraceptive to Qlaira. Take Qlaira immediately after you complete the pack of the other contraceptive pills you’ve been taking.