What Is Cerelle?

CERELLE is a pregnancy prevention contraceptive pill that contains only progesterone. This kind of pill is known as a mini pill. It is appropriate for breastfeeding mothers and women who are estrogen intolerant.


CERELLE functions by keeping sperm cells away from the womb and also keeping egg cells from ripening. It contains a small amount of progesterone desogestrel, the female sex hormone that protects against fertilization in women. Some of the features of CERELLE includes the  following:

  • It protects against pregnancy
  • It does not contain any estrogen
  • It is easy to use
  • It is a Genuine medication
  • Every CERELLE tablet is 


Cerelle offers a form of protection to women against unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, giving women the freedom to mix their career lives with their sex lives. It contains several hormones that help regulate periods and stop symptoms associated with irregular menstrual cycles. When we talk about contraceptive pills, we consider the two main and distinct types; the progesterone pill type and the combined pill type. Cerelle falls under the first category with its lack of estrogen hormone, making it an excellent choice for breastfeeding mothers and estrogen intolerant women. If you have any allergies or suffer any forms of reactions to estrogen hormone, then CERELLE is the better choice of medication for you.


You are to use CERELLE under a prescription. Seek your doctor’s advice, and be sure to read and understand the patient guidelines leaflet included in the product pack. You are to swallow tablets with water. Are you already using any other contraceptive? If you are not, then wait for your menstrual cycles to begin, then start taking cerelle, one tablet on the first day of your period. But if you are already on a hormonal contraceptive, you should only begin taking cerelle 24 hours after taking the current pill. Suppose you forget to take CERELLE on time or the schedule you have made and end up going some days without taking it. Be sure to use extra contraceptive methods to continue preventing pregnancy, like condoms.

For mothers who just put in their birthday and intend to return to using CERELLE, follow the guidelines to start taking the pills from between 21 to 28 days after having the baby. For women who are currently breastfeeding, have had an abortion, or a miscarriage, it is advisable to consult your doctor for advice about using CERELLE.

Directions for use are marked on the packets with days off the week to guide users. Choose the pill to take on the first day. You do this by picking the pill on the card marked with that day of the week. If you intend to start taking the pills on a Friday, you must start with the pill marked ‘fri’ and continue as such till you completely take the pack before moving to the next pack without skipping a day.


A tablet of CERELLE comes in a 75 microgram film coat that contains desogestrel, and users are to take one pill each day at the same time. A complete pack holds 28 tablets which are sufficient to last a month or four weeks. You get at least four weeks of protection from a single pack of CERELLE with all the extra benefits like menstrual cycles control and period regulation.

If you miss a pill, you are to take it the moment you recall and move on to take another one at the scheduled time you had set. There’s a chance you’d still be protected if you have not exceeded a time limit of 12 hours. But if it is more than 12 hours since you took the last pill, you can go ahead and take the pill immediately and another one at the scheduled time. Even though it might seem like taking two pills on the same day, it is medically okay, though. But this kind of situation undermines the prevention and protection against pregnancy. As such, you are to use other extra forms of protection like condoms at least for seven days after skipping the pill to be on the safe side while you continue with the pill schedule.

Suppose vomiting occurs between 3 to 4 hours of ingesting the CERELLE tablet, or you experience conditions like diarrhea. In that case, this suggests that the active substance in the CERELLE tablet might not be adequately absorbed. You should follow the guidelines for skipped doses and use extra protection as recommended.

A total dose of CERELLE works in two ways; firstly, It keeps the sperm cells from getting into the womb, creating a barrier between the sperm cells and the womb and holding them there until the sperm cells eventually die out.  Secondly, it stops the ripening of the egg cells, keeping the ovaries from reaching full maturity and, as such, making sure that fertilization becomes impossible once you ingest CERELLE. It makes CERELLE a two way form of contraception.

How can I buy CERELLE ONLINE? 

UK Meds is your one-stop shop for buying Corelle online. To purchase, though, you will first have to undertake a consultation session online where you Converse with an independent prescription pharmacist before placing an order. The results from the online session will determine whether CERELLE is the appropriate medication you require before you can have a supply of it.


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