Determining the Difference Between Mini Pill and Combined Pill

The oral hormonal contraceptive is the most popular birth control worldwide. It’s referred to as a pill, a term that is embraced by everyone. But you have to know that this short word can refer to two things which are the ‘mini pill’ and ‘combined pill’.

Difference Between Mini Pill and Combined Pill 

You may know a myth that tells the lower doses of ingredients in a mini pill compared to the combined pill. Sway from this belief as the differences between these pills are the different hormones namely progestogen and oestrogen.

The mini pill has the progestogen and due to this, it’s called a POP or progestogen-only pill. Another difference that you can find between these two pills is the manner of usage. 

The mini pill should be taken once a day and it’s daily. In the case of a combined pill, it should be taken for 3 weeks or 21 days. Then, there will be a break for 7 days or a week. During the period that you refrain from pills, you can experience irregular menstruation or even not having it.

What are the Advantages When You Take a Mini Pill? 

Although the hormone content in the mini pill is lower than its counterpart, it’s still deemed as effective as the combined pill in preventing pregnancy. Due to the absence of oestrogen, the job is solely assigned to progestogen. 

This pill with only one hormone can still thicken the cervical mucus and thin the uterus’ lining. It can inhibit pregnancy but not ovulation. Moreover, it’s safe for mothers who breastfeed to use it. It’s something that you can’t do if you’re with a combined pill.

Eventually, you’ll prefer POP or mini pills if your system is not tolerant of oestrogen. Women who have health issues like high risk of blood clots and high blood pressure are allowed to take it. The most wonderful thing about it is that it’s suitable for all ages.

What are the Disadvantages of Mini Pill? 

Although there’s only one hormone in the mini pill, the side effects are more than the combined pill. The symptoms are acne, bleeding, decreased libido, abnormal growth of hair on the face, back, or chest, and irregular menstruation. 

This pill is not suitable for women who can’t be diligent in following the schedule of intake. You have to be very particular about the time when you’ve decided to take this contraceptive.

Be attentive even though you can take two pills at the same time when you missed one scheduled dose. Its effect won’t be useful when you’ve taken the pills three hours after the designated time. If such a circumstance happens, you need to use other kinds of contraceptives like a condom.

What are the Advantages When Taking a Combined Pill? 

It’s been proven and tested that the effectiveness of the combined pill is at 99% given that you correctly take it. Typically, it can be 92% which is enough to reach your goal of eliminating pregnancy. 

Apart from being a highly effective birth control pill, it also regulates periods to become lighter and less painful. You can expect more from it like its ability to pacify premenstrual syndromes such as bloating, headaches, and mood swings.

This combined pill with progestogen and oestrogen can lower the risk of having endometrial and ovarian cancer. It’s an effect of preventing the occurrence of ovulation. Some combined pills like Dianette and Clairette can improve greasy, acne skin.