Levonelle vs ellaOne

Regular contraceptive methods are taken by those who want to be safe all the time from getting pregnant. But emergency contraceptives come in handy for women who are not regularly taking any pill. 

Exercising safe sex is a wise decision. However, accidents and mishaps can happen at any moment and in the least expected time. The importance of emergency contraceptives is important in these situations.

What to Know About Morning After Pill 

You panic because you just had sex without coil, IUD, pill, or any contraceptive. Another alarming scenario is that the condom got broken and came off in the middle of the deed. These are situations that make the morning after pill a savior. 

If you’re not ready for pregnancy and unprotected sex can’t be avoided, the morning after pill will be the best option when you’re not using the regular contraceptive. This pill is composed of synthetic hormones that delay and change the menstrual cycle for the prevention of pregnancy.

You may think that it’s the same with regular contraceptives. The difference lies in the timing of intake. A regular contraceptive pill is ingested before having sex and this practice is done for the prevention of pregnancy.

In terms of using the morning after pill, it’s a counteractive action to avoid bearing a child. Contrary to the regular contraceptive, it’s taken after having the deed.

Women can be relieved once they take the morning after pill. It’s an assurance that they won’t get pregnant unexpectedly. Aside from relief, they’re released from being in a dilemma of getting an abortion or not.

Think about how the morning after pill can make things easier for you. If pregnancy is not your priority at a certain time of your life, making decisions will weigh you down emotionally and mentally.

At this point, it’s crystal clear that the morning after pill can save you from stress. However, the decision-making doesn’t end here. You need to find an answer to the question, ‘Which pill would you choose?’ as there are two types of morning after pills.

What is Levonelle 

Levonelle is a type of morning after pill that is effective for 72 hours after engaging in unsafe sexual intercourse. A synthetic hormone namely levonorgestrel is the component of this pill. 

The said hormone hinders the ovary from releasing an egg so fertilization with sperm cells won’t push through. Surprisingly, it has dual action which is for a released egg. It’s an ability that stops the sperm from fertilizing the egg.

You can maximize Levonelle’s effects through the time of intake. Take haste in taking it and it’s best done within 12 hours. Although it works for 72 hours after sex, placing it into your system earlier is better.

The longer you don’t take it after sex, the lower its efficacy becomes. It’s not smart to take it after 72 hours. Once you take it at the recommended time, there’s an 84% chance to impede pregnancy. 

The term ‘morning after pill’ is derived from the usual time that it’s being taken. It’s usually after unsafe sex. You can swallow it with or without a meal and with water. 

Levonelle needs a prescription to be bought. Hence, you need to consult your doctor about it. If you don’t have much time in making an appointment, TruMedical can make it easier for you with online consultation and prescription with a licensed physician.

It’s not only convenient but at a reasonable price. You only have to worry about the total sum and there are no extra charges.

What is ellaOne 

The other type of morning after pill is ellaOne with effects and ways of usage that are fairly comparable. Every ellaOne pill has 30mg of ulipristal acetate and it’s ingested by drinking water.

Ulipristal acetate is a substance that can alter the activities of natural hormones such as delayed ovulation. Therefore, sperm can’t complete fertilization. It’s how it keeps you away from pregnancy.

Levonelle and ellaOne work similarly but the time frame of taking it makes a huge difference. The former can put you in the safe zone for 72 hours while the latter can make you feel at ease for 5 days even though you’re having unprotected sex.

If you start to have unsafe intercourse on a Friday night, you can rely on ellaOne until Wednesday. Within this period, you’re free from chances of pregnancy. It’s far superior to Levonelle with intense efficacy only within 12 hours.

The 95% efficacy rate of ellaOne is consistent for 5 days. This is convenient and a big favor on your side. Everyday life is sometimes filled with so many things to do and you may forget about taking the pill. 

You may forget about taking Novelle within 12 hours after sex. But it’s fine with ellaOne as the effects go all the way up to 5 days. It was mentioned that Novelle needs a prescription but ellaOne doesn’t.

Thus, you can easily purchase ellaOne even from an online pharmacy, TruMedical. Aside from being accessible, the longer time of effectiveness makes ellaOne the contraceptive that is patronized by most women.

Other Things that You Can Do After Sex Without Protection 

It’s a fact that you don’t have to be bothered when you had sex without protection once you’ve taken the morning after pill. But, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of sexual health. 

All types of morning after pills can’t protect you from STIs like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Make it a habit to have a yearly examination. You may need to do it after you have a new sexual partner. 

A medical check-up must be done when you had sex without protection with a new partner. Anyway, there are many ways to do it. You can even do it by yourself through a self-test kit. 

You may head to a local sexual health clinic or set an appointment with a GP. Despite the proven effectiveness of morning after pills, a 100% guarantee can’t be given to all cases. It happens to other kinds of contraceptives. 

In regards to preventing pregnancy, you have to particular with your monthly menstrual cycle. When your period hasn’t arrived, you can try to see for yourself if you’re pregnant or not by using a pregnancy test kit. 

Once you find out that you’re pregnant, you should discuss with your doctor any plans that you have. You may settle for long-term contraceptives if you’re not pregnant just to be safe all the time.

ellaOne can’t be used more than once within a menstrual cycle but you can do it with Lovenelle. Still, it’s not advisable to do such practice. ellaOne can be purchased at TruMedical hassle-free. 

You may also look for more contraceptive options like the patch, IUD, coil, vaginal ring, and mini or combined pill. They’re all safe and effective options. You have the prerogative to choose what suits your body and lifestyle.