Relieve the symptoms of fungal infection in the feminine area through Gyno Daktarin Cream. Know the general information about this medication such as its active ingredient, the directions for use, the precautions and side effects to watch out for through the article below.

  • Anti-fungal Cream For Women
  • Helps Relieve Thrush Symptoms
  • Easy To Use
  • Genuine Treatment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Gyno-Daktarin? 

Gyno-Daktarin is a type of vaginal cream that has miconazole as its active ingredient. Miconazole is an antifungal medication that is used to treat infections caused by yeasts and fungi. Thus, Gyno-Daktarin products are recommended to be used for the remedy of fungal infections of the feminine area, such as the vaginal thrush.

How Does Gyno-Daktarin Work? 

Gyno Daktarin cream uses miconazole, an antifungal medicine used for the remedy from yeast and fungal infections, as its main ingredient. The medicine is used to cure fungal infections of the vagina, such as vaginal thrush.

Miconazole destroys yeasts and fungi by getting into their cell membranes. This medication works by blocking the production of the substance ergosterol, a vital component of fungal cell membranes. The disruption in the ergosterol production affects the cell membrane, resulting in the appearance of holes in it.

The cell membranes are important for the fungi to survive. They prevent foreign substances from getting into the cells and at the same time prevent the leaking out of the contents of the cells. Because miconazole creates holes in the cell membranes, essential components of the fungal cells leak out. This kills the fungi and gives way to the healing of the infection.

Gyno-daktarin miconazole also features antibacterial properties that deal with certain bacteria which may also be present in the infection.

Gyno-Daktarin vaginal cream is applied to the vagina to treat the symptoms of candidosis and other fungal infections. This infection causes the inflammation of the vagina that causes a discharge, known as the vaginal thrush. Inserting the medicine into the vagina allows miconazole to directly target the area where the infection is present.  It can also be applied to the outer area of the vagina or vulva to heal the fungal infection in the area and help alleviate the associated itching.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Gyno-Daktarin? 

Gyno-Daktarin is a beneficial treatment for the symptoms of vaginal infections caused by fungi or yeasts. It is a fast-acting solution for those who are suffering from such vaginal problems.

How Do I Use Gyno-Daktarin? 

Gyno-Daktarin cream is a course of medication that needs to be used continuously. Your doctor may instruct you to insert the cream into your vagina once a day for up to 10 or 14 days, or twice a day for 7 days. Make sure to follow the directions of your doctor on the use of the product.

An applicator is included which will be used to insert the cream into your vagina. Read the instructions in the information leaflet that comes with the medicine and follow the steps correctly.

Depending on the doctor’s advice, you may also apply the cream in the vulva and surrounding area of the vagina twice daily to treat the infection outside of the vagina. 

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the cream.

The use of Gyno-Daktarin products do not stain clothes but it is suggested that you use a light sanitary pad during the process of application in case of any leakage of the medicine from the vagina. It is safe to use Gyno-Daktarin even during your period.

You must finish the entire course of the medication that is prescribed to you even if you start to feel better. This will ensure that the infection is fully treated and will lower the chances of it coming back.

Want To Know More About Gyno-Dactarin?

A gram of Gyno-Daktarin cream has 20mg miconazole nitrate as well as 2mg benzoic acid and 5 micrograms of butylated hydroxyanisole.

The recommended length of time for the use of Gyno-Daktarin vaginal cream should be once daily for up to 10 to 14 days before bedtime or twice daily for 7 days or as advised by your doctor. Administer the cream by using the applicator which may contain approximately 5g of cream. 

This cream is not to be taken by mouth. In case the cream is accidentally ingested, vomiting and diarrhoea may occur.

Medicines can result in side effects that may vary in individual users. These Gyno-Daktarin side effects may or may not be experienced by some users.

These are the common side effects of Gyno-Daktarin cream:

  • Vaginal itching and burning sensation
  • Vaginal discomfort (especially in the vulva area)

It may also cause other side effects such as:

  • Pelvic cramps
  • Rash or urticaria

If you think that you are experiencing side effects from the use of the product, call your doctor and ask for any course of action you can take to resolve such side effects.  

Gyno-Daktarin should not be used in children and should be kept out of reach of children. Gyno-Daktarin should not be used by individuals who may have an allergic reaction to it or any of its ingredients.

If you notice an allergic reaction to this medication, stop using it and consult your doctor right immediately.

The simultaneous use of latex condoms or diaphragms with vaginal anti-infective preparations such as Gyno-Daktarin may decrease the effectiveness of latex contraceptive agents. Thus, it is not advised to use this cream and a latex condom or latex diaphragms at the same time.

Take note that Gyno-Daktarin vaginal cream also contains benzoic acid and butylated hydroxyanisole that may cause local skin reactions such as contact dermatitis, or irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes.

The same treatment therapy is also advised when the sexual partner is also infected to prevent re-infection.

Contact your doctor first before using this medication if you are pregnant. Gyno-Daktarin cream should be used with extreme caution during pregnancy. Use this medicine only if the expected benefit to the pregnant woman is greater than the possible risks to the developing baby. 

It is not reported if this medicine can pass into breast milk. It is best to seek advice from your doctor before using this medicine. If you are breastfeeding and was prescribed by your doctor to use this medicine, use it with extreme caution. Consider properly weighing the benefit to the mother against the possible risk to the nursing infant.

Inform your doctor if you are currently taking other medications before you start using Gyno-Daktarin. This is to ensure that the combinations are safe and that the medications will not interact negatively with each other. 

Miconazole is unlikely to be absorbed into the bloodstream in large amounts from the vagina. This means that it will not likely affect the other medicines you are orally taking. This medication though may interact with warfarin. Inform your doctor if you are taking warfarin so he can monitor your clotting time while using Gyno-Daktarin.

You can buy Gyno-Daktarin online at True Medical. You will need first to have a consultation with a medical doctor and present a valid prescription first before your order will be supplied. This is to ensure that Gyno-Daktarin is the right medication for your medical condition. Once this is done, your order can be delivered to you the following day.