Rigevidon tablets are a type of female contraceptive categorised as a combined pill, which is a pill that contains two female sex hormones. Rigevidon is prescribed to women who want to avoid pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rigevidon? 

Rigevidon is one of the common contraceptive pill names prescribed to women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Additionally, women who often experience painful periods and heavy bleeding may also take Rigevidon pills as they can alleviate menstrual symptoms and cause lighter bleeding.

What type of pill is Rigevidon? 

Rigevidon is the combined pill which means it consists of two female sex hormones. The two Rigevidon ingredients are estrogen and progesterone, which are contained in small doses. This differentiates Rigevidon and other combined birth control pills from the mini pill that doesn’t contain estrogen. 

To be more specific, Rigevidon pills consist of the synthetic versions of both estrogen and progesterone – ethynylestradiol and levonorgestrel.

What is Rigevidon used for? 

As a contraceptive pill, Rigevidon is primarily used to enable women to delay and prevent pregnancy. These tablets can also be used to regulate the menstrual cycle and alleviate its symptoms. Due to the concentrations of estrogen and progesterone, Rigevidon pills can regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce bleeding and pain.

How effective is Rigevidon? 

In general, Rigevidon contraceptive pills are effective in 99% of cases when it comes to preventing pregnancy. However, whether Rigevidon will provide you with the same level of effectiveness greatly depends on your individual case and whether this birth control pill is right for you and your body. 

Therefore, before you decide to buy Rigevidon, it’s advisable that you schedule with your trusted doctor and seek their medical advice. They will determine whether you should start taking Rigevidon and whether it’s it the most effective solution for you. 

To find out how effective these tablets are, you can also read Rigevidon pill reviews online and learn more about other women’s experiences. Of course, it’s important to note that Rigevidon, like any other medication, may affect each woman differently, so you shouldn’t completely rely on online reviews. 

How do Rigevidon pills work? 

As the combined oral contraceptive, Rigevidon pills have a significant effect on the female body. Estrogen and progesterone contained in Rigevidon actually override the menstrual cycle. They do so by persuading your body into thinking that ovulation already happened, which prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg. 

Typically, Rigevidon pills prevent pregnancy by: 

  • Preventing your ovaries from releasing an unfertilised egg
  • Stopping your body from preparing the womb and lining for fertilisation
  • Affecting the lining of your womb to make it less suitable for possible egg implementation 
  • Stopping sperm cells from entering the womb by thickening the natural mucus found in the cervix

What are the benefits of using Rigevidon? 

If you start taking Rigevidon contraceptive pills, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Effective protection against unwanted pregnancy
  • Regular, lighter, and less painful periods
  • More control over planning a family
  • More control over your sex life

How to take Rigevidon? 

Rigevidon contraceptive tablets fall under the category of monophasic pills, which means that each pill has the same amount of estrogen and progesterone. You need to a Rigevidon pill day during the period of 21 days. 

Then, you should make a 7-day break during which you will experience menstrual bleeding. This bleeding is actually withdrawal bleeding, but it’s actually quite similar to your menstrual bleeding. 

After the 7-day break, you should go back on the Rigevidon pill and start a pack. You may still experience some bleeding, but it is essential that you continue taking this type of birth control after the break. 

Starting to take Rigevidon contraceptive pills

In general, you should start a Rigevidon pack on the first day you get your period. Try to take a combined pill every day at the same time so that you don’t forget taking your daily dosage. Rigevidon tablets should be taken orally with water. Whether you take them with or without food doesn’t make a difference. 

Typically, each pack is clearly marked for each day of the week, so you can easily keep track. As already mentioned, you should take a Rigevidon pill for three weeks and then make a 7-day break. 

Taking Rigevidon for the first time

Before going on the pill, you should schedule a consultation with your medical professional. They will examine you and your medical history to determine whether you should start taking Rigevidon. 

Women who start taking Rigevidon for the first time may experience some issues with their menstrual bleeding at first. Namely, you may experience irregular bleeding, spotting, missed period or breakthrough bleeding. This can be completely normal, but if these symptoms persist, make sure to consult your doctor.

Taking Rigevidon after delivery, having an abortion or experiencing a miscarriage 

Women who have experienced a miscarriage or had an abortion can go on Rigevidon. This combined pill is suitable for women in these situations provided that they had an abortion or miscarriage at under 24 weeks. 

However, if you don’t start taking the tablets within the first 7 days, it’s advisable that you use additional forms of contraception since it’s likely that Rigevidon will not be effective during the first several days. 

Additionally, if you’ve just had a baby, you can start taking Rigevidon again on the 21st day of your delivery. However, Rigevidon pills are not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Having a Rigevidon missed pill

It’s important that you take your birth control pills as prescribed, which is typically every day with or without a 7-day break. However, forgetting to take a Rigevidon tablet doesn’t mean that you immediately don’t have adequate protection against pregnancy. 

In this case, you will still have protection against pregnancy, but it’s important that you take the missed pill as soon as you remember. This may mean that you’ll need to take 2 pills on the same day, but that shouldn’t be an issue. After taking the missed Rigevdon pill, you should keep taking other pills according to your schedule.

Additionally, make sure to check your pack after missing to take a pill. If you have fewer than 7 tablets, you can continue taking the pills as usual and complete the pack. After the break, you should open a new pack of Rigevidon birth control pills.  

If I take Rigevidon, when am I protected?

Taking Rigevidon combined pills on the first day of your period will provide you with immediate protection. However, if you start later on, especially if you have a short period, you won’t be protected against pregnancy. In this case, it’s advisable that you use other methods of contraception during the first seven days. 

Additionally, if you start to vomit or experience severe diarrhoea within two or three hours of using Rigevidon, make sure to take another one as soon as you get better. This is advisable due to the fact that your body may not have absorbed the pill. 

As already mentioned, Rigevidon will protect you against pregnancy even during the 7-day break and if you forget to take a pill. 

Note: Rigevidon combined pills are a type of oral birth control, which means that they don’t offer protection against STIs. It’s highly recommended that you use barrier contraception, that is condoms, to protect yourself against STIs. 

Want to Know More About Rigevidon?

Taking Rigevidon contraceptive pills will not completely stop your period. However, as the combined pill, Rigevidon may enable you to delay your period by three weeks. This typically happens when you take two packets of Rigevidon pills consecutively. 

Nonetheless, it’s highly advisable that you consult your doctor prior to deciding to delay your menstrual cycle. 

Rigevidon may have possible side effects, but whether you will experience them will depend on your individual case. Each woman reacts differently to different types of birth control, which is why your doctor should examine you to determine whether you should start taking Rigevidon.

Some of the possible side effects of Rigevidon contraceptive pills include: 

  • Spotting, breakthrough bleeding or bleeding between periods
  • Discomfort while earring contact lenses
  • Experiencing headaches or migraines 
  • Blood clotting in the blood vessels
  • Vomiting and feeling nauseous 
  • Pain in the abdominal region 
  • Skin problems and reactions
  • Tender or enlarged breasts
  • Diminished sex drive
  • Blood pressure rise
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Problems with liver
  • Retention of water
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Depression
  • Gallstone

Is Rigevidon safe?

Your doctor will determine whether it’s safe for you to start taking Rigevidon pills by evaluating your health and medical history. There are some instances where women should take Rigevidon with caution. For instance, if you’re older than 35, have a history of certain medical conditions such as heart attacks and strokes in your family, etc. 

Additionally, Rigevidon tablets should not be taken during pregnancy, while you’re breastfeeding, or taking a certain combination of medications. Your medical professionals should be consulted in all three cases. 

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