Learn about the Yasmin pill and its related information in the article below. Know more about its active ingredients, its proper use, the precautions and side effects it may cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yasmin? 

Yasmin is a combined contraceptive pill that combines two female sex hormones namely Ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen, and drospirenone, a progestin. This pill is used as a prevention against pregnancy. It is also used to regulate your periods thus decreasing blood loss and painful periods, and decreasing the risk of ovarian cysts.

Yasmin does not serve as a protection for you or your partner against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, or gonorrhoea.

How Does Yasmin Contraceptive Pill Work? 

Yasmin prevents the release of an egg during your menstrual cycle. It also thickens the vaginal fluid to help prevent the sperm from reaching an egg, therefore, preventing fertilisation from occurring. It changes the lining of the uterus thus, preventing the fertilised egg to attach. When this happens, it will just be released out of the body.

How Do I Use Yasmin Pills? 

Before deciding to start taking Yasmin pills, it is advised that you browse through the patient information leaflet included in the package of the medication. It bears crucial information on when to take your pills and what to do if you miss a dose. You may ask your doctor or a family planning nurse to answer your queries or your doubts on the proper use of the pills.

Yasmin tablets are to be taken by mouth once a day, with or without food. It is recommended to take the tablet at about the same time each day to remind you to take your daily dose. You may take the pill after your evening meal or at bedtime to decrease symptoms of nausea and stomach upset.

Follow the instructions enclosed in the package to find the first tablet. Start with the first tablet in the pack and follow the correct order for the next tablets. Do not forget to take your dose every day. Skipping any dose may increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Pregnancy is also likely to occur if you start a new pack late, or you take your pill at a different time of the day than usual.

If this is your first time to use this medication and you are not switching from another form of hormonal birth control, choose the first tablet in the pack on the first Sunday after the start of your menstrual period or on the first day of your period. If your period begins on a Sunday, begin taking the pills on that day. It will take 7 days for the contraceptive pill to work, so if you were not using a hormonal method before using Yasmin, an additional form of non-hormonal birth control such as a condom is necessary to prevent pregnancy. If you started taking the pills on the first day of your menstruation, a backup birth control method will not be needed during the first week.

What Else Should I Know Before Taking Yasmin Tablets? 

Each pack of Yasmin contraceptive pills contains 21 pills with active medication. After you finish the 21 tablets,  you will have a 7-day break wherein you do not take any Yasmin tablets. On the third day after the last active pill on the pack, or the third day of your 7-day break, you are expected to have your period. Take note that after you stopped taking the tablets for 7 days, you need to start a new pack regardless if you had your period or not. Seek advice from your doctor if you did not get your period.

Want To Know More About Yasmin?

Different people may or may not experience various side effects from any medications like Yasmin.

If you notice signs of an allergic reaction to Yasmin such as hives, difficult breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, call your doctor immediately.

The following side effects will need an immediate stop of usage of Yasmin and require a doctor’s visit:

  • signs of a stroke – sudden weakness or numbness (especially on one side of the body), slurred speech, sudden severe headache, problems with vision or balance;
  • signs of a blood clot – sudden vision loss, feeling short of breath, coughing up blood, stabbing chest pain, pain or warmth and swelling in one or both legs;
  • heart attack symptoms – feeling some pressure or pain in the chest, pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder, sweating and nausea
  • liver problems – loss of appetite, tiredness, upper stomach pain, dark urine, clay-coloured stools, jaundice or yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • signs elevated blood pressure – blurred vision, severe headache, pounding in your neck or ears;
  • swelling in your hands, feet, or ankles;
  • a change in the pattern or severity of migraine headaches
  • symptoms of depression such as sleep problems, weakness, mood changes, tired feeling

Common Yasmin side effects may include:

  • Nausea, feeling sick or vomiting;
  • breast tenderness or pain
  • headache, feeling tired or irritable, mood changes
  • weight gain
  • changes in your menstrual periods and decreased sex drive.

The use of Yasmin can increase your risk of heart attack, blood clots, or stroke especially if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or if you are overweight. The risk is higher during your first year, and when you restart taking pills after stopping for more than a month.

Smoking can also elevate your risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack. Your risk increases if you smoke more as you age. It is not recommended to take Yasmin if you smoke and are over 35 years old.

Yasmin should not be used if you are pregnant. Stop using Yasmin and consult your doctor immediately if you are pregnant or if you miss 2 menstrual periods. If you recently gave birth, allow at least 4 weeks before taking this medicine.

Yasmin should not be used if you have:

  • adrenal gland disorders
  • kidney disease
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • A high risk of having blood clots due to a heart problem or a genetic blood disorder
  • circulation problems (due to diabetes)
  • a history of hormone-related cancer, breast cancer, or cancer in the reproductive area
  • Unusual and undiagnosed vaginal bleeding 
  • liver disease or liver cancer
  • severe migraines especially if you are older than 35
  • Yellowing of the skin or  jaundice caused by pregnancy or birth control pills
  • if you are over 35 years old and you smoke
  • if you take anti-viral drugs such as ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir 

Taking Yasmin may pass the hormones into breast milk and may cause harm to your nursing baby. This may also cause slow breast milk production. Do not use Yasmin if you are breastfeeding.

If you need more information about Yasmin or any other contraceptive pills, you may look up contraception pills UK has to offer online.

Yasmin pills may be purchased online at True Medical. You will have to go through an online consultation first with a medical doctor before the medication will be dispensed. The online consultation is a prerequisite to making sure that your medical conditions are considered before deciding if Yasmin is an appropriate medication for you.